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Jesus and Mary on a Cloud in Google Earth

Jesus and Mary on a Cloud in Google Earth

You’ve got to give Jesus and Mary credit…they manage to manifest in everything from bird poo to condoms. But they also manage to keep up with the times, as evidenced by their recent (joint) appearance in Google Earth:

An amazing image, which looks like a shrouded Jesus Christ shadowed by a prayerful Mother Mary, has been found on Google Earth.

The startling image, found at the coordinates listed below, was snapped by Google as its imaging vehicle drove along the A5 highway near Walensee, Switzerland.

The dramatic, mountainous landscape is enhanced by a steel-grey, storm cloud laden sky. Looming from the cloudscape appear two images, one black, the other a mix of white and pink, which bear an uncanny similarity to figures depicted in religious paintings for centuries.

It’s all nonsense of course. These are more likely easter eggs hidden by the designers of our simulation as an in-joke as to the particular religious slant of this level of the game.

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