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Bigfoot Caught on Film! (Yes, Again…)

Every few years, we seem to get a ‘Bigfoot proven’ story. Here’s the latest instalment:

Bigfoot has long been considered a combination of folklore, misidentification, and hoax, but on Tuesday a team of researchers screened what they claim is conclusive evidence that the creature, also known as Sasquatch, exists.

During a news conference in Texas, the group of experts played several short clips that they described as ‘never before seen HD video’ of the supposed ape-like creature.

The footage consisted of very short, grainy and out-of-focus clips of various apparently human-like, hairy figures moving about in wooded areas in Kentucky.

…The exclusive footage came from a similar effort dubbed The Erickson Project, which was led by Adrian Erickson. That group said it captured the ‘definitive video and DNA evidence from the elusive Sasquatch.’

During Tuesday’s news conference, several clips were shown which the group claims is video evidence that proves Bigfoot is real.

It included footage captured in Kentucky in 2005 shows a female Sasquatch sleeping. An extended version of the video is expected to be released in a future documentary.

Colour me dubious that they got that close to a sleeping sasquatch and didn’t return with any other hard evidence…

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    1. nests?
      Geez, Rick, I thought that Erikson inchage was hokie until I saw that ‘nest’ with hatchet marks.

      Bigfoot lives in holes dug under tree roots near waterways, with the access hole dug under the waterline. My proof? They can hold their breath a long time. 😉

  1. Utter BS
    I’ve never been particularly impressed by the Erickson Project footage. The only close-up to Bigfoot’s ‘face’ looks like a mask incapable of moving the mouth.

    Sleeping Chewbacca? Move the god-damn twigs obstructing the head already!!

  2. Messin’ with Sasquatch
    I still believe he’s out there, I don’t believe this one is real. To reiterate what RPJ says above, the mouth doesn’t move, and they only show that part of the clip long enough so you don’t notice. Moreover, what creature, especially one known for chucking boulders at people, is going to let you get that close? The quality of the film does not suggest a strong zoom lens, nor the angle.

    Shenanigans!!! SHENANIGANS!!!

      1. I agree
        The film still stands as compelling, despite the attempts to discredit it.

        But it’s disheartening we haven’t acquired evidence of that caliber –or better– in all these years since 1967.

  3. Weak
    Pour some cold water on the sleeping sasquatch and wake her up for some decent pictures already. Silly videos – grown men did these?!! I believe Sasquatch is possible, but this is not evidence by any stretch…

      1. Credentialed maybe but…
        If anyone searching for a big foot, searching for definitive evidence of a Sasquatch happened to find a sleeping female and was able to move close enough to take the video shown, doesn’t common sense say they would have obtained something better? It was sleeping. Move into an open unobstructed space. Wake it up – clearly they’re not afraid if they’re out there searching. Get video of its face, take hi res still photos. Get something more definitive then out of focus obscured video through sticks of a SLEEPING SASQUATCH. This wasn’t one at a great distance moving away – it was sleeping in the open and that’s the best they could do? Sorry for my rant – it’s just so bogus…defies common sense.

        1. Common sense , , , ,
          is over-rated much of the time. Ergo . “defying it” (actually just ignoring it) is often the most effective way to accomplish beyond the pedestrian.

          That said . .I wasn’t interested in the video. I trust that it sucks the way most of you say it does. What interests me is what would motivate a group of credentialed people from diverse backgrounds to put out something that (to use the assessment of people here) is a fake of poor quality. A fake of high quality would at least serve some purpose. But a fake that even looks fake? Fascinating.

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