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Forget replacing the lost capstone on the Great Pyramid with a gold pyramidion to celebrate the rise of the Masonic New World Order. This sounds like an altogether much more sane plan:

Do you ever look at the ancient pyramids in Egypt and think, “Why isn’t there a gigantic carnival ride on top of those?” Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Because somebody asked that very question in 1931.

In a series of illustrations under the bold headline, “Mammoth Flying Swing to Give Bird’s Eye Pyramid View,” we see the pyramids as they could have been — the main attractions in Giza’s own version of Disneyland.

Signed by Art Williamson in the June 1931 issue of Modern Mechanics and Invention magazine, the illustrations show three cars swirling around the top of a pyramid, driven by a huge electric motor. Judging from the pictures, it looks like would-be riders first had to get about two-thirds of the way up the pyramid. The thrill seekers then were supposed to board the ride by crossing a gangplank that gives me vertigo just looking at it.

More information and images at Gizmodo.

Link: The 1931 Plan To Turn The Pyramids Into an Amusement Park