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Kickstarter: Adam Scott Miller’s Lotus Chain

Adam Scott Miller is one of a new breed of visionary artists, following in the footsteps of (and sometimes being nurtured by) legends such as Alex Grey. Adam’s also a Grailer from way-back, and he’s worked with us on various projects from Sub Rosa and Darklore through to the book cover of Commmuning with the Gods.

Adam’s got a new project on the boil at the moment, a collaborative music-video art piece with the band Telesma, and he’s looking for a little crowdfunding help to make it a reality…specifically, from those who “value the importance of cultivating the imagination”:

This video-art project is an incredibly ambitious, authentic and courageous quest for creating [close to] “major-motion picture” quality graphics with scant budget, and few crew. The esoterically interpretative story, synaesthetic audio/visuals, and intuition-driven creative process is it’s way of giving a gestalt experience for healing inspiration. I feel that it’s process reflects our nature of perception and when perceived as a play of Art- is potentially very beneficial.

Lotus Chain is a synthesis of traditional & digital mediums, and Telesma’s symphonic fusion of sound into a form of art experience- that integrates into a story of venturing through the inner worlds of dream, into amazing mystery, and towards a waking illumination for the beauty of life.

I’m attempting to tell this as a visionary artist informed by scientific/esoteric theory and a deep curiosity for mythic symbolism: that is the backdrop for a highly focused, quasi-intuitive orchestration of many-layered complexity into a fugue of fun! This method and process gives an almost-complete circle of numinous experience that you complete as whole, as the audience. A story that resonates with timelessly relevant themes, but told in a new way that provides a lens of novelty and the space for something else…something special to arise, within you.

Here’s a sample of what Adam and team are working on via the trailer for Lotus Chain:

As Adam mentions in the Kickstarter video, the beautiful thing about crowdfunding is that it takes art back from any commercial influences, and allows it to be community-driven and art for art’s sake. If you appreciate those values, make sure you check out the Kickstarter campaign and choose a pledge level that suits you.

Link: LOTUS CHAIN: A Visionary Video Voyage

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