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The Heretic Volume 4

Volume 4 of The Heretic Magazine is now available for sale, and returns with another stellar line-up of material from the likes of Robert Bauval, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, David Rohl, Ralph Ellis and Robert Eisenman:

Our current edition contains over 15 fascinating articles written by a variety of cross disciplinary experts and subject area enthusiasts in the fields of Alternative History, Lost Civilisations and Technologies, Mysteries and Conundrums, Rennes-le-Château, the Occult, Politics, Science and more. No magazine offers more specialized esoteric content than The Heretic.

Edited and collated by Andrew Gough, Volume 4 features (alphabetically) Robert Bauval, Dawn Bramadat, Robert Eisenman, Ralph Ellis, Lorraine Evans, Robert Feather, Mark Foster, Andrew Gough, Bradbury Cort Lindahl, Tim Wallace-Murphy, Steven Myers, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, David Rohl, Ian Robertson, Freddy Silva and Lucy Wyatt. Once again we have compiled a stellar collection of thought-provoking articles and features. See a full list of the content inside Volume 4

Our latest edition is available NOW in two digital formats: firstly as a multi-touch iBook for iPad and secondly as a Kindle edition. The two versions are very different and the richest experience will be gained from the iPad version. We have designed the magazine primarily for the iPad, but are also offering the Kindle edition for those readers who are interested in our content, yet do not own an iPad.

The Heretic’s website has direct links for purchasing the magazine from both the iTunes store and various Amazons around the world.

Link: The Heretic Magazine

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