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Michael Duignan is an enthusiastic Grailer who has created a fun, dark comedy that’s getting plenty of buzz at festivals, and on Vimeo where it was Staff Pick last month:

My short film was partially inspired by some supernatural, occult H P Lovecraft and the like that shows up here. It’s just gone live on Vimeo, and it’s getting quite few likes and views, along with the coveted Vimeo Staff Pick stamp of approval. It’s a absurd dark comedy about love, death and magpies. It was shot to look like polaroid film, and all the special FX were done with rubber, papier mache, and feathers.

Thanks for taking the time to check it out, I think you might like it, and your readers, if they are like me will too.

Thanks Michael, love hearing from creative Grail folk (even if it does take me a month to get through my email inbox!).