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Art Bell Returns: Fan-made Trailers

As RPJ reported a couple of weeks ago, legendary ‘paranormal radio’ talk show host Art Bell is returning with a new show in September. In anticipation of the big event, longtime Grailer and Art Bell fan Ross Howard has put together a few unofficial trailers to get listeners in the mood – above you’ll find one on time travel themes, with excerpts from shows with Michio Kaku, Terence McKenna, and (I think?) alleged time-traveler John Titor. It provides a good cross-section of what Art Bell had to offer, from interviews with highly credentialed scientists through to unknowns with extraordinary claims. I’ve embedded two more below, the first of which has the infamous ‘Area 51’ call that ended up featuring on the track “Faiip de Oiad“, on Tool’s Lateralus album.

Thanks Ross, and nice job!

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