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Volto – Tocino

Danny Carey, epic genius drummer for the superb Tool, has a new album out via another of the bands he plays with, Volto, titled Incitare. Along with Lance Morrison on bass and John Ziegler on guitars, DC rocks the hell out of nine tracks of prog-rock/jazz-fusion/metal hybrid goodness. RollingStone have the entire album streaming, so go take a listen.

Both DC and his (and our) good friend, Darklore writer Blair Blake, make cameos in the music video for the single Tocino, embedded above, which is full of occult symbols and dark, dream-like imagery. Pretty sure they didn’t dress Blair up with any costumes or props though…I’m guessing they probably just filmed him at home going about his usual business.

Purchasing links for Incitare (iTunes downloads as well as limited edition vinyl) can be found at the Volto website. Awesome stuff, go grab it!