Cosmos Reborn

Fans of Carl Sagan’s seminal 1980 documentary series Cosmos may be alternately thrilled or horrified that a remake of the show will begin airing on Fox next month, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Check out the trailer above and let me know what you think – exciting and beautifully modernized, or over-the-top and without the charm of the original?

  1. RIPOFF!!!!!

    Kidding. Truth be told, I'm still undecided whether this is a good or a bad thing.

    On the plus side you have Neil, who is worthy of carrying Carl's mantle.

    On the down side, you have Seth MacFarlane & FOX.

    So… jury is still out.

    1. Meh
      [quote=red pill junkie]On the plus side you have Neil, who is worthy of carrying Carl's mantle.[/quote]

      Not a fan of NdGT…has always seemed to me to be that type of person who wants attention and so tries too hard to seem enthusiastic and funny.

      I seem to be in a distinct minority though, so my opinion probably doesn’t count for much… 😉

      1. Attention seeker
        I think we here @ TDG would have preferred someone like Michio Kaku, but I do have to admit –as objectively as I can– that Neil is more charismatic.

        Now, whether that charisma stems from a bigger ego, that’s another pickle in the jar.

        What I meant about him being worthy to replace Carl, is that he does have the talent of showing the wonder in the driest & most complex scientific topics to layman person. That’s not an easy task to do.

        Unfortunately, one other thing in common he shares with Sagan, is his naive skepticism towards the UFO phenomenon…

        I just hope the series won’t needlessly promote the atheist angle.

        1. Agnostic perhaps?
          I get the feeling he is more agnostic than atheist, hopefully that will come out in the series. Though I was let down upon discovering his stance on UFO discussions as well.

  2. Also not a fan of NdGT. He is
    Also not a fan of NdGT. He is unable to apologise or correct himself when caught in an error a first year Astronomy student wouldn’t make (rising and setting of sun at the earth’s equator).
    So no, I’m not going to like this re-make.

    1. Aargh
      [quote=bhc]I feel that Prof Brian Cox would have been a better choice as he shares Carl Sagan’s sense of wonder of the universe.
      I kinda agree with Greg on NdGT[/quote]

      Brian Cox, what a nobber.

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