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Cardiologist Gives Evidence for ‘Reality’ of Near-Death Experiences

In 2001, Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel put the mystery of near-death experience in the headlines when a study he co-authored on the topic featured in the top medical journal The Lancet. Surveying 344 patients who survived cardiac arrest, van Lommel and his co-researchers came to the surprising conclusion that “all the reported elements of a Near-Death Experience (NDE) like an out-of-body perception, meeting with deceased relatives or a life review were experienced during a transient functional loss of the cortex and of the brainstem, with a flat line EEG”.

In the above recent lecture, Pim van Lommel outlines his ground-breaking research, gives several examples of “veridical perception” during NDEs, and discusses his theory of ‘non-local consciousness’ that arose out of his research findings.

Link: Pim van Lommel’s website

Link: Pim van Lommel’s book, Consciousness Beyond Life (Amazon US and UK)

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