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Bill and Kyle are two ordinary guys interested in the extraordinary. As ‘Mandate33‘, they have set off in search of unusual places (inspired by Jim Brandon’s seminal book Weird America) and documented them in short YouTube videos.

Above you’ll find Bill and Kyle introducing themselves, as well as a couple of locations that they visited, while in the clip below they travel to Point Pleasant, home of the Mothman, on the 45th anniversary of the infamous Silver Bridge collapse. While there they interview Rush Finley, owner and proprietor of the historic Lowe Hotel, who was witness to the events of the infamous UFO flap and Mothman sightings in 1966/7…and also discover an unusual synchronicity regarding John Keel and the Silver Bridge tragedy.

Oh, and they also get far too up close and personal to the Mothman for my liking. Let’s just say the famous cryptid has a butt that just won’t quit…