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Standing With Stones: Megalithic Wales and Ireland

Last week I posted the first two instalments of the fantastic Standing With Stones documentary, on the megaliths of Great Britain and Ireland, filmed over the course of a two year tour of the monuments by film-maker Michael Bott and presenter Rupert Soskin. If you’re in a hurry to watch the entire thing, head to the Vimeo album that Michael Bott has put together. Otherwise, embedded in this story are the next two instalments in the series, featuring the megaliths of Wales and Ireland.

If you watch and enjoy the film, make sure you do the right thing by heading to the Standing With Stones website and donating a dollar or ten to the film-makers – I’m sure you’ll agree its richly deserved, and we should be encouraging and helping to fund more features like this one by open-minded, independent people. They’re still to recover production costs from two years of filming, so if you can spare the change do it!

For those viewing the documentary in pieces here on TDG, I’ll post the following instalments here next week. For those that haven’t seen the start of the documentary on the megaliths of England, make sure you begin with that (you wouldn’t want to miss Stonehenge, Avebury, etc.).

Previously on TDG:

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