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Thom Dab Temple, Lost City of Mahendraparvata, Cambodia.

Lost City Found in Cambodian Jungle

Archaeologists have made a stunning discovery in the jungles of Cambodia — the lost city of Mahendraparvata. Strapping laser technology to a helicopter, the team scoured a mountain north of Angkor where ancient texts have long hinted at a hidden capital of the Khmer empire. The city was founded 1200 years ago by the Hindu warrior Jayavarman II, and predates the famous Angkor Wat by 350 years; but until now, no one knew where it was located. A decade of research combining historical and technological techniques resulted in a brilliant success.

[The University of Sydney team]… hacked through … landmine-strewn jungle and waded through swollen rivers and bogs to discover the ruins of five other previously unrecorded temples and evidence of ancient canals, dykes and roads.

Incredibly, the remote mountain location and lack of rubble means the temples might never have been looted. It will take many more years to unearth Mahendraparvata’s secrets, but the wait will be worth it. Hold on to your potatoes, Dr Jones!

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