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Darklore 7 - Mushrooms in Wonderland

Three Free Fortean Articles For Freaky Friends

If you’re looking for some Fortean reading this weekend, make sure you check out the three free sample articles from Darklore Volume 7* that I’ve added to the Darklore website. The first is “Mushrooms in Wonderland”, in which Mike Jay asks whether Victorian fairy art and lore were inspired by experiences with mind-altering fungi. The second sample article is a fascinating exploration of the strange, Discordian-influenced history behind the work of the cult British band The KLF by J.M.R. Higgs. And lastly we have my own recounting of the turbulent and rather frightening seances held by the Icelandic medium Indridi Indridason in the early years of the 20th century. Close to 20,000 words of fun!’

If you like what you read, fill your boots by grabbing the complete book from Amazon and getting access to all 12 articles:

And if you’re not caught up, there’s another 18 free articles from previous releases to keep you busy too, all in printer-friendly page layouts.

Link: Darklore Sample Articles

Darklore 7 - The KLF

* Unless you’ve already read Darklore 7. In which case, thanks for buying the book! And why not read them again!?

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