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Shooting Star Over Stonehenge

Shooting Star Over Stonehenge

© Peter Greig

Now here’s an image capturing some of my favourite things. Photographer Peter Greig traveled to Stonehenge for his 31st birthday, and managed to take this amazing photo of the Milky Way ’emanating’ from the ancient megaliths…and captured a ‘shooting star’ (an Eta Aquarids meteor) at the same time! Click on the image above to be taken to a better quality, zoomable pic.

After juicing up my batteries back at the hotel I returned to Stonehenge around midnight. I stepped out of my car and was totally blown away by the crystal clear starry night sky above me. I knew I was in for a treat as this was one of the clearest night skies I’ve seen in the UK so far.

As I approached the perimeter fence I was suddenly blinded by torches, the security guards were onto me, my cover was blown!
After chatting with them for a while and explaining the reason why I was there I began my plea to gain access for a short period…I even resorted to monetary bribes but to their credit they declined and refused me entry (it’s reassuring to know that this site is well protected, even from harmless photographers such as myself).

The best thing I could do was extend my tripod as high as it could possibly go to get a shot over the 6 foot fence, luckily it reached but only just. After half an hour of various compositions and exposures I noticed this shot had a meteor, I couldnt believe my luck!

Link: Peter Greig’s Flickr Gallery

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