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News Briefs 28-05-2013

On the way back to health after a nasty bout of flu. Apologies for the lack of Grail updates in the past week!

Quote of the Day:

Our medium is meat, but we are made of information.

Terence McKenna

  1. Nuts
    Anyone in this day and age who maligns the reality of the chemtrail project is himself a “nut” and very probably has some kind of not very honorable motive in holding that opinion in light of what is now overwhelming evidence of the op world wide. I suspect that throwing that into the tranche of outlandish conspiracy theories might be an exercise in tainting by association or what is rightly called “association fallacy.” That is a common tactic among the shills and trolls. These exercise in debunking don’t really matter much anymore though. The operation is so in your face and obvious that lots and lots and lots of the population knows what is happening. Though the op seems to be primarily all about earth shading and weather modification i sometimes wonder if an adjunct to it is psychological. A la Michael Hoffman and his “revelation of method” idea a cabal of megalomianiac jerks would probably take delight in torturing people as long as possible with the stress of cognitive dissonance. “Nothing to see here folks, just move along” when in fact there is a lot to see. Just look up. The undertone is that none of us can trust our senses – only the State knows reality.

    Even The History Channel has been getting in on it:
    “Weather Warfare”

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