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Kickstarter: Consortium (Take 2)

Back in December I linked to a Kickstarter campaign for the game Consortium, being put together by a number of people who are also keen Grail readers. That campaign was put on hold not long after as the team felt the need to regroup and rethink their strategy, but has since returned with a vengeance with a new Kickstarter campaign that is kicking ass – they’re now 99% funded with a week still to go. I’ve been a bit slow out of the blocks announcing the renewed fundraising campaign, but Grail readers now have the chance to push the Consortium campaign the last few hundred dollars into being a successfully funded Kickstarter. Head on over to Kickstarter and check out the packages available to see if there’s something that takes your fancy.

The new game is a follow-on from the universe outlined in an A.R.G. that we linked to a couple of years ago – check it out if you want to get in on the ground floor and get a taste of Consortium:

Our flash-based A.R.G. started in 2010, and acts as the back story to everyone and everything happening in CONSORTIUM – and it is absolutely 100% free to play. Three years of A.R.G. updates (with the help of the public!) has helped us build the level of depth required to truly make the CONSORTIUM game world as immersive as possible.

To begin your own explorations of the other world – click “Experience” at INTERDIMENSIONALGAMES.COM and then wait for the Moon to eclipse the Sun on the space scene. Click the anomaly once it appears. This will take you to when we first connected to their world, back in 2010. The system will allow you to ‘play along’ as if you were with us at that time. NOTE: Keep an eye on the Progress Bar on the top right of the screen, as this will tell you how close you are to being caught up to present time.

Consortium at Kickstarter

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