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Image taken from on top of the Great Pyramid

On Top of the World: Images from the Great Pyramid

A group of Russian youths has (illegally) climbed the Great Pyramid at Giza at night, and posted some lovely photos online (such as the one above) for all of us law-abiding citizens to drool over.

I was taken by the fact that one of the images featured someone lying in almost the exact location on top of the Great Pyramid as the two ladies were standing in the photo I’ve posted previously from 1920 – we move through the ghosts of the past no matter where we travel. Compare the difference between skylines in the two following images: the first taken by the Russian adventurers this year, the second taken almost 100 years ago, in 1920. Cairo seems to have grown a little (especially considering the centre of Cairo is in the opposite direction)…

Looking at Khafre's Pyramid

Ladies atop the Great Pyramid

In juxtaposition, the stones on the Great Pyramid and Khafre’s pyramid look not to have changed at all. As the old saying goes, “man fears time, time fears the pyramids”…

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