News Briefs 05-03-2013

I’m getting great feedback on my primer exploring the topics in the next Dan Brown book, Inside Dan Brown’s Inferno. Grab a copy for $2.99 and help this site keep its head above water.

Thanks BadEye and RPJ.

Quote of the Day:

Oh dear Pan and all the other Gods of this place, grant that I may be beautiful inside. Let all my external possessions be in friendly harmony with what is within.


  1. totally off topic but…
    …I saved a cat today :3
    He followed me across the street while I was on break. Skinny and starving, we gave it a can of tuna and water. Sweetest personality ever. Unfortunately we can’t have a cat (as a pet) on my office campus. So my co-workers are bringing it to a no-kill shelter tomorrow. Glad he is not out in the rain tonight.

    …at first I called him Daemon, because I was pretty sure he was following me for a reason LOL

      1. we did…
        …in fact I think they had someone come forward already who said it might be theirs, but I’m not sure if it’s for real or not. Two of my coworkers have been taking care of him for now, and he’s doing very well but they are going to take him over to the vet Monday (we had a bad storm and flooding here the day after I found him, so we couldn’t go then). I really want to make sure he gets treatment and finds either his owner or a good home. He’s such a sweet kitty :3

  2. Hallucinations
    So… Where does something like remote viewing fit into this picture?

    I can’t tell whether it’s Mike Jay’s review or Sacks’ book, but if we accept this over-broad definition of hallucinations as aberrant artifacts of the brain, we may as well throw in imagination.

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