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Many Grail readers will be familiar with Dr Rupert Sheldrake, a “maverick” biochemist noted for his parapsychological experiments, and his proposal of ‘morphic fields‘ to account for certain scientific anomalies. However, few probably know that Rupert’s son Cosmo is a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist, forging his own career in music. Like his father, Cosmo seems to have a wonderful mix of genius and eccentric, which is often a perfect recipe when it comes to the arts. Check out “Prefusify”, for example:

Cosmo sings and performs with his brother Merlin, with both a part of the band Gentle Mystics, as well as on his own via the technique of looping with improvisational vocals (as in the video above). Check out Cosmo’s website for more examples of his music, or listen to some of the tracks on his Soundcloud.

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