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Kickstarter: Consortium

This week’s Kickstarter project focus is to a game being developed by an experienced group of designers who are also long-time Grailers: Consortium.

WHAT IF you could take complete control of another human being? And what if that human being was a man destined to decide the fate of an alternate dimension? Speak for him, move for him, and be known as merciful and/or a killer, hero, liar, wild card…or perhaps the strong/silent type?

CONSORTIUM gives you that chance…

The story of CONSORTIUM begins in our world – the “real world” – where we here at Interdimensional Games have developed a satellite (IDGI-1) capable of opening a digital rift through time and space. Anyone with an internet connection can travel through this rift and awaken within an alternate dimension from our own – the “game world” – in the year 2042.

Upon crossing the rift, you’ll find yourself aboard a Consortium command vessel, designated C-3800-D, “ZENLIL,” and in full control of a man codenamed Bishop Six. Zenlil is one of five such Consortium vessels, and is the ultimate in air superiority. A massive jumbo jet that’s powered by fusion batteries and capable of taking missions in orbit or even as far as the Artemis-1 Moon Colony.

As in Firefly’s “Serenity” or Star Trek’s “Enterprise,” CONSORTIUM’S “ZENLIL” has a personality unto herself. Explore every section and freely interact with over a dozen crew members and other surprise guests!

Once aboard ZENLIL you will soon realize that not everything is as it seems – and at least someone knows who you really are. The sudden murder of a Consortium officer racks the crew, and a once-thought harmless enemy re-emerges with a frightening array of experimental weaponry and equipment. There are factions within their world, such as this enemy, who say the Consortium are not the force of good they claim to be – that perhaps they are duping the world into believing one thing, while pushing a different agenda altogether. Could these groups be right?

A major part of our game is discovering your own answers to the million-and-one questions being put before you. There is no obvious right or wrong, no clear good guy / bad guy. Everyone in our game world (including the A.R.G.) has their own motivations and history which all interweave with each other in ways only fate can explain. Who you agree with, and which ideologies you ascribe to, is entirely up to you.

For a full run-down, including all the different pledge packages available, visit the Consortium Kickstarter page.

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