News Briefs 27-11-2012

Take me, from this lonesome place

Quote of the Day:

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix

  1. snake
    that was actually kind of cool. amazing it can stretch it’s mouth out that wide, it looked more like it was giving birth. I imagine it hurt like hell though, the equivalent of a human puking up a Cessna 😛

    1. I am pretty convinced that
      I am pretty convinced that Squatches are an ET breeding project which might also explain the relatively sudden appearance of the genetic alterations. For that matter homo sapiens sapiens is probably also a breeding project, so trying to apply the usual long genetic time tables to these hominin lines is futile. Try telling that to a professional Skeptic though. The criticism that the coding would have been too sudden needs to at least consider the possibility that outside agents of high technology may be involved with the genetics.

      1. ‘professional Skeptic’
        Look I know AP pays her to be super close minded, and I am a little skeptical myself on some of these videos, but come on lady have some dreams. If you actually watch her in this show she does not believe anything at all. And granted, the guys she’s traipsing around the woods with are not the most convincing of folks, considering they look like they were pulled out of a trailer park.

        1. I am not a fan of this show
          I am not a fan of this show though I have bumped into a few episodes that were good. Ranae is a scripted skeptic, ie she “plays” the skeptic even when it is absurd to be taking a skeptical stance on something. Her skepticism therefore makes skepticism look idiotic at times. The back and forth between her and the rest of the crew is often hokey sounding. She very often ignores common sense because she is supposed to be playing a foil. This is a really irritating feature of many TV reality shows. Everyone is playing a scripted role. A skeptic is always supposed to be a skeptic because that is what she is supposed to be doing. The advocates for Sasquatch can sound equally fake too. This pre-scripting and role playing lend a surreal air to shows like this and damage the public perception of the field research. This show also plods along and gets embroiled in all sorts of sluggish sidetracks and padding. I realize the need to pad – they have to fill time slots – but they often over pad and slog along doing not much of anything.

          1. yep
            that’s why i don’t watch this show much either, like you i just “bumped” into a few episodes when nothing else better was on. it’s sad 😛

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