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Darklore Volume 7

Grailers hungry for fascinating articles: I’m happy to announce the seventh instalment of our anthology series covering hidden history, fringe science and general Forteana, Darklore Volume VII, is now available for sale. You can pick up your copy from any number of online retailers through a simple search. But here’s the links to Amazon:

Darklore VII Paperback

Darklore VII Limited Edition Hardcover

Here’s a quick listing of what you’ll find within:

  • Cat Vincent continues his examination of the modern monster meme of ‘The Slenderman’.
  • Blair MacKenzie Blake recounts stories of what he’s seen (and how he and Tool drummer Danny Carery have been arrested, and possibly drugged) at Area 51.
  • Mark Pesce explores language as magic, and magicians as the programmers of reality.
  • Robert Schoch examines the history of the famous Elizabethan mage, Doctor John Dee.
  • Mike Jay goes in search of psychedelic mushrooms in Wonderland.
  • Richard Andrews examines the the ancient mythic theme of the hunting of the White Hart.
  • J.M.R. Higgs tells of the influence of Discordianism on the British band The KLF.
  • Jason Colavito throws a skeptical eye over the origin of the ‘space gods’/’ancient aliens’ mythology.
  • Theo Paijmans offers a little esoteric Nazi history for your enjoyment.
  • Paolo Sammut reviews the lifelong work of the noted occultist, Kenneth Grant.
  • Ray Grasse reveals the significance of the interplay between science and the imagination.
  • Greg Taylor tells the strange (and somewhat chilling) tale of the great Icelandic medium Indridi Indridason.

Thanks for everyone’s support of the Darklore series – it helps to fund this website, and also provides financial support for contributors so that they can continue researching and writing about the stranger side of life.

I’m sure y’all will enjoy this latest instalment in the series. For those of you who remain unconvinced, I’ll publish some sample articles at the Darklore website (and here at TDG as well) in the coming week.


(Note: Leaving this up on the front page for a few days, regular daily updates can still be accessed via the ‘river of news page view.)

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