Ancient Aliens Debunked

Speculating on ancient mysteries is good fun – the jaw-dropping megalithic constructions of cultures around the world often inspire awe, and attempting to solve the puzzle of how and why they were built can lead to both fresh insights into human history, and sometimes not-so-useful ones (though exploring these cul-de-sacs can sometimes be helpful in other ways). The History Channel series Ancient Aliens anchors much of its premise – that aliens visited the Earth in ancient times, and inspired or built these structures themselves – on megalithic mysteries. But how much of AA‘s claims are solutions to puzzles, and how many are intellectual dead-ends?

A new 3-hour(!) documentary, Ancient Aliens Debunked, takes the series apart, fact-checking individuals claims on topics including pyramid construction, the Temple of Baalbek, Incan sites, Easter Island. Pacal’s “rocket”, the Nazca lines, and the Egyptian “light bulb”. Produced by Chris White, and made available freely online (embedded at the top of this post), Ancient Aliens Debunked offers clarifications, corrections, and background information that certainly removes much of the superficial gloss from Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens is an American television series which premiered on April 20, 2010, on the History Channel. The program presents the so-called ‘ancient astronaut’ theory, which is the idea that extraterrestrials visited the Earth in the ancient past, and that historical texts, archaeological records and various legends contain evidence of this contact. I used to believe that the ancient astronaut theory was true. I spent years learning about it from the popular authors, from video presentations and radio shows. I was an enthusiastic promoter of this idea to my friends and family. Although I no longer feel that way, I want you to know that I have no personal reason to reject this theory. My current worldview could easily accommodate the existence of extraterrestrials. I hope you will come away from this film, even if you disagree with it, saying that I fairly reviewed the claims of Ancient Aliens without bias, and with respect.

I think it’s a shame actually that the title of the documentary includes the word “Debunked” – it’s a negative word, guaranteed to set many of those interested in this topic at odds with the film before they even view it. In reality, there is a wealth of information about ancient construction and artworks that most open-minded people will appreciate greatly. Additionally, the documentary doesn’t shy away from noting actual mysteries, and speculative attempts to solve them, such as the theory of French architect Jean Pierre Houdin on how the Great Pyramid was built. A far better title for the film (IMHO) would have removed the negativity and focused on the positive aspects of what is a very well-researched, informative piece on ancient mysteries – something along the lines of “Exploring the Claims of Ancient Aliens”. In short – don’t be turned off by the title, it’s well worth your time.

Also: if the full 3 hours is too much for you, you can watch (or read transcripts of) individual ‘episodes’ on separate topics (‘The Pyramids’, ‘Easter Island’ etc) at the Ancient Aliens Debunked website, where you’ll also find references for each rebuttal for further research. An excellent – I might even say necessary – resource for anybody interested in this fascinating topic.

Addendum: As SecretSun points out in the comments, the producer of this documentary, Chris White comes from a fundamentalist Christian point-of-view, with the added colour of anti-Christian conspiracy theories. However, the documentary above is almost completely free of these elements (you will notice some strange flavours in sections such as ‘The Nephilim’), and is presented in a very sane manner – and I can only judge it by its content. But it is worth keeping in mind that all presenters – be they Christians, ‘skeptics’, or ancient alien theorists, are working within a frame of reference, and often pushing a barrow of their choice. So as always, I recommend that you keep your wits about you and employ skepticism, objective judgement, and further research in understanding any topics presented on this site.

  1. myteries…
    thanks for this Greg..will download the whole movie tonight in off peak time…be interesting to see if they have covered Cuzco or some of the amazing geometry explained in “revelations of the pyramids” If you have not seen that video it is very well worth a look. Cuzco would be a very difficult one to explain in anyway I think…

    1. Please tell me you’re kidding, Greg
      Why don’t you check out Chris White’s other pages before you pimp this nonsense. This guy is a full-tilt tinfoil hat nutcase in the Bill Cooper mold- and a religious bigot. He’s pimping Russ Dizdar’s insane delusions, Chris Pinto’s NWO nonsense, Bill Cooper’s disinfo, Biblical literalism, Catholic bashing, and on and on and on.

      Do a little research. Ancient Aliens leaves a lot to be desired but don’t give these assholes any oxygen.

  2. Ancient Aliens . . .
    Ancient Aliens, while fun, has always been and always will be total nonsense. Even the most cursory examination of serious history and archaeology texts will provide enough background to realize what snake oil salesmen the show’s producers and “experts” are. When the show does feature someone with true bonafides, his or her remarks are often misinterpreted or taken out of context.

    The show does need counterpoint, but from serious scholars, not someone else coming out of left field. But it’s hard to get offended by a debunking show when Ancient Aliens itself is such a fraud.

  3. “I used to believe…”
    Hell hath no fury as a disenchanted believer.

    PS: We’re gonna need a “Debunking the Ancient Aliens Debunkers” documentary. First he starts by refuting Tsoukalo’s assertion that the blocks in Pumapunku are made of diorite, by saying they are andesite β€”WITHOUT bothering to mention that andesite is “an extrusive equivalent of plutonic diorite.” (Wikipedia)

    1. More cult techniques
      This is another deceptive tactic from the conversion technique playbook that was cooked up by the cults and then adopted by the Fundamentalist churches- present yourself as a former believer who’s seen the light. The record clearly shows Chris White is a far right Fundamentalist extremist of very long standing.

      I’ve been telling people for years that the Fundamentalist-Corporate-Military-Financial Axis was always the driving force in the anti-AAT movement and this video proves what I’ve been saying all along. Whenever you see Michael Heiser pop his head up, look for the puppet strings.

      Will those Ancient Aliens guys fight back is the question. The network might not allow them to.

      1. Fight back

        Will those Ancient Aliens guys fight back is the question. The network might not allow them to.

        I doubt it. Tsoukalos was interviewed last week by Micah Hanks & Scotty Roberts, and his basic approach for dealing with skeptics seems to be: roll his eyes & say “haters gonna hate.”

        1. Insert X-Files Phrase Here
          I have no problem with the basic idea behind Ancient Aliens, and it’s not that far of a stretch to consider the possibility we may have been visited in the distant past — whether they influenced ancient societies, that’s debatable. I think Jacques Vallee’s take is more credible, but I’m fairly agnostic about it all to be honest.

          Regardless, my Ancient Alien Cats Theory is rock solid.

          1. My problem…
            My problem with Ancient Aliens is that it’s reductive, redundant (“flesh and blood eckstrahtresstruls!”), materialistic and lapses into absurdity much too often. Plus, the hair.

          2. Flesh and Blood
            Philip Coppens, who IMO should get more airtime in that show, thinks the aliens didn’t necessarily contact our ancestors face to face; and I dig that a lot.

            Like, why couldn’t there be a Maya version of Jack Kirby living in Tikal 1500 years ago? This is where Giorgio & Co. are as fundamentalist as their opponents πŸ˜‰

            PS: I never watch that show anyway, but today I managed to catch a few minutes of it, where they talked of laser swords in the ancient past –Defuq??!

          3. a message from Yoda
            [quote=red pill junkie]PS: I never watch that show anyway, but today I managed to catch a few minutes of it, where they talked of laser swords in the ancient past –Defuq??![/quote]

            Have faith in the hair, you must….

  4. the truth about Ancient Aliens
    Look, I’m the last person on earth to give humans credit for anything, but they did build the ancient world. And while I believe in “otherworldly” beings be them from other planets or whatever, this is the truth about AA: It’s junk food. When you come home from work and there is nothing on TV but you need something to argue with you turn on AA. It makes your mind fat with thought, albeit useless to a point. On one side it makes you think about the possibility that aliens inspired or visited ancient earth. But the claims are outlandish and wrong, and not because Chris White said so. I took a lot of anthropology and art history classes with teachers from around the world, and their theories sound more accurate. AA doesn’t help the claim of aliens at all, for anything it damages it. If you want a feast of well rounded thought, read an encyclopedia. But now and then we all just want a bag of greasy fattening chips, and that’s what AA is. It’s fun to watch, I like to watch it, I know it’s BS (mostly), but it’s fun.

    “There is no logic…” in potato chips πŸ˜›
    and it’s fun to make fun of my brother every morning and say he has Giorgio’s hair.

    1. sharp minds….NOT
      seems over the last 15 or so years many have inadvertently forgot to attend the “how to filter out BS 101”., I have been absent from this forum for awhile now, now I have come back to take a wee peak and not much has changed. The evidence is still being thrown all over the place as it has been for many years, the fractured personal opinions are still a template of all others that come before. Seems you have to drop a flying disc on someones head before they will even consider the possibility of their existence. For the serious researcher that follows a trail of anomalies that can not be explained, it is frustrating to see and hear people with at least some intelligence still having, in this day and age, a debate as to the origin of some of the past constructions.

      1. ummmm…
        …all I said was potato chips…….I wasn’t trying to start an attack all of TDG. I can not determine whether your comment is directed to just the forum, the discussion, or the show Ancient Aliens. I believe in beings from other planets, dimensions, etc. AND I believe the ancients should be given more credit for their immense undertakings. If you do not like what you read on a forum or website, then ignore it but don’t let it get you angry. There is no reason to fight on this site. I’m sorry you feel this way about TDG. This is a place where different minds can come and share their opinions whether they are right or wrong is not the point. It should all be in good fun. But what do I know….

        1. potato chips…
          please don’t take the post personal as it was not meant to be….my post was an observation only… essence, the content of my comment is no different to yours. Only directed differently.
          Ancient Aliens may be made with a lot of hype and bravado, but there certainly is a lot of good content worth more then sweeping criticism.

          1. I agree
            [quote=thefloppy1]Ancient Aliens may be made with a lot of hype and bravado, but there certainly is a lot of good content worth more then sweeping criticism.[/quote]

            Like I mentioned in my first comment it makes you think about the possibilities. It is not something we can just “sweep under the rug.” I was more concerned that you were attacking the forum itself than my own comment. I agree that the content of both AA and the debunkers can be lost in petty arguments.

            peace πŸ™‚

          2. Think of the possibilities
            Yes, I think that’s the value of those types of shows. It helps you expand your mind and look at familiar things from a wholly different perspective. From that perspective you might be able to get a bit more insight, or you might not, but the exercise is worthwhile nonetheless.

            Obviously the danger lies in people getting frustrated and disenchanted when they learn that 99% of what Giorgio says is complete bunk. They might turn into angry debunkers as a consequence –*cough* Benjamin Radford *cough* πŸ˜‰

          3. I watch those shows just for
            I watch those shows just for the occasional interesting morsel. There are some details that are rather astonishing such as Puma Punku in Peru which is so well engineered that whether or not one suspects they are alien engineered they are still so fabulously made in very difficult materials that it begs the question of how technologically advanced our forbears actually were. If they possessed such technology they were very, very clever beings indeed.

          4. Go back and read my statement
            Go back and read my statement more carefully. I said they were clever. I didn’t say they didn’t use tools.

    1. And there is one glaring
      And there is one glaring question. If you believe we are currently being visited by aliens with technology apparently thousands of years ahead of us already what then seems so improbable about their having visited in the past? If they have visited us in the past (and most of them claim to have been on the planet for millions of years) then how improbable is it that they might have assisted us technologically? Granted, the actual evidence of that may be inconclusive, but there is nothing apriori facetious about the idea. Anyone convinced we are being visited now cannot really regard the idea of technological ET aid anciently to be far fetched. The more far fetched idea would be that they never intervened technologically.

  5. ancient aliens fraud
    The whole Ancient Alien Theory is such nonsense. I have studied archeology, history and have a 4000 book library on every culture in the world. Man built everything without any aliens!

    1. Let’s just say that if the
      Let’s just say that if the space brothers are hanging around now then the likelihood that they hung around way back then is high. To what extent they meddled in the affairs of men is open to debate. If they are performing genetic modification and experiments on us now then they no doubt did it back then too. If they are sharing some technology with us now then they probably did some of that back then too.
      The Ancient Aliens show has fallen into a chasm though. Lately, as they have run out of theories and examples they are dragging out some very, very sloppy and reckless ideas – some of the lamest ideas and associations imaginable. The reincarnation of Edgar Cayce guy is the most reckless. I pretty much spin past the show when I bump into it now. I’ll maybe hang in there for a few minutes and then move on.

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