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Pyramidions of Mars

We’ve always wondered what happened to the top of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Turns out we were looking on the wrong planet. The Curiosity rover on Mars snapped this image yesterday on the Red Planet at the end of its driving for the day – cue the debate over the pyramids of Mars all over again:

NASA Mars Rover Targets Unusual Rock Enroute to First Destination.

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has driven up to a football-size rock that will be the first for the rover’s arm to examine.

Curiosity is about 8 feet (2.5 meters) from the rock. It lies about halfway from the rover’s landing site, Bradbury Landing, to a location called Glenelg. In coming days, the team plans to touch the rock with a spectrometer to determine its elemental composition and use an arm-mounted camera to take close-up photographs.

Maybe we should start digging around that thing and see how deep it goes. Might even be a Cheops Class warship

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