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Over at JohnKeel.com – a tribute site to the legendary Fortean investigator who died in 2009 – John’s friend Doug Skinner has posted scans of John Keel’s notebook from his investigation into the infamous ‘Mothman’ sightings near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Above is just one page, giving a wonderful insight both into the investigation, and the man caught in the middle of some very high strangeness.

April 3, 1967

1:35 A.M. Observed descent of red and green object into ravine a few yards north of position. Object was clearly defined saucer shape glowing red with greenish upper surface. Unable to determine size but it appeared small. At first thought it descended over hill in background but inspection of terrain with searchlight indicates it landed directly behind trees only a short distance away. Awaiting developments (1:45). Scared – damn it.

2:00 A.M. Drove to turn-around point, turned and returned to original parking position – unable to see anything in ravine – no lights or sign of activity. Still scared – not anxious to get out of car. Feel object is in ravine.

2:25 A.M. Observed orange UFO manuever (sic) and descend in northwest in distance. Suddenly disappeared. No sight of Moon which was supposed to rise at 1:59 A.M.

2:35 – Aware of what seemed to be a flash of pale pink light behind me. Similar flash seemed to occur a few minutes ago but I decided it was my imagination. No sounds or movements outside. Still trying to muster courage to leave car and look around. I feel “They” are very nearby.

See the full post for the complete set of scans – and other fascinating insights into the life of John Keel – at JohnKeel.com.