The Top Ten UFO Cases, as Voted By UFO Experts

Canadian film-maker Paul Kimball’s feature Best Evidence: The Top 10 UFO Cases has been posted to YouTube by UFO-TV, who will also be releasing the documentary in DVD format in the near future. It’s an excellent film, featuring some of the top names in the UFO field casting their votes for the strongest UFO cases, and explaining why (see my 2007 review of Best Evidence for a quick summary). Here’s an embed of the entire documentary:

Among some of the names featured, you’ll find Stan Friedman, Nick Redfern, Kevin Randall, and somewhat poignantly, Karl Pflock and Mac Tonnies.

If the film feels familiar, it may be because I posted a Vimeo version last year. Thought it worth mentioning the new YouTube posting though, for those who may have missed it or prefer watching video through that source.