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Swedish Team Hunts for ‘Ghost Rocket’ UFOs

The era of the UFO is generally dated back to June-July 1947, when Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of nine unusual objects flying over Mount Rainier was closely followed by the Roswell incident. But serious students know that the phenomenon didn’t begin there. Even just a year before, there was a significant UFO ‘flap’ across a number of Scandinavian countries, which has become known simply as the ‘ Ghost Rockets‘.

But sightings of ‘ghost rockets’ didn’t end in 1946 – there have been continuous sightings in the decades since, right up to the modern day. And now a Swedish investigative team, headed by ufologist Clas Svahn, are mounting an expedition – accompanied by a documentary crew – to try and find some evidence to go along with the mythology, by following a lead from a recent case:

Clas Svahn, the head of UFO-Sweden, takes his work very seriously. He has been investigating UFO-cases since he was 14. He has written numerous books on the subject and spends his work hours as a journalist for Sweden’s biggest newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Despite Clas attention to detail, the ghost rockets phenomena has been haunting him for decades. The search for a tangible answer or a glimpse of truth, something, anything that can explain what was seen in the skies above Sweden.

In the Ghost Rockets documentary we will see the inner workings of an organisation who have earned the trust of the Swedish Military, yet have not abandoned the possibility of the extraordinary.

The team have just started their investigation, which involves an expedition to a lake in the forests of northern Sweden, with three specialist divers, two boats, and a side sonar scanner, to look for a ‘ghost rocket’ that witnesses said landed on the water, and then slowly sank into it. You can follow the expedition by liking the ‘Ghost Rockets’ Facebook-page.

The Ghost Rockets documentary is scheduled for release next year. From the looks of the trailer, it seems as if it will be a fascinating, and very watchable feature – the cinematography and atmospherics are first class (so much so, that I began wondering if it was a viral for some new movie).

In the meantime, for a detailed discussion of Swedish ufology and the ‘ghost rockets’ phenomenon, check out this interview with Clas Svahn on the Binnall of America podcast a few years back.


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