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Satchmo and the Sphinx

Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong plays for his wife in front of the Sphinx by the pyramids in Giza, 1961. That is all.

(via @eglinski)

  1. lovely picture, wonder if he
    lovely picture,

    wonder if he played
    “As time goes By”

    But should be interesting when the robot goes back up the shaft in the great pyramid, the djedi team had pick another date after cancelling because of the trouble in egypt in August 2011 .

    my personal opinion, and odds are, what they discover will baffle them, but not me, i wont be surprise what they find.

    personally i dont think its my background as a problem solver in being the first to rediscover the secret of zep tepi in this mystery long ago, but i relate it more to my fate or destiny,

    chain of events in my life do make me think its more fate and the sub-conscious mind playing a role in making me think that.

    ciao clemente

  2. I Remember Satchmo!

    In 1961, I think that Satchmo probably played something like “It’s A Wonderful World”, “Eres Tu”, “Wonderland By Night”, “When The Saints Go Marching In”, or maybe “True Love”.

    Satchmo was one of the best trumpt players that I have ever heard. Satchmo was in a catagory with trumpt players like Dick Cathcart and Al Hurt!

      1. fitting – prophecy – theories
        Alot of theories about the pyramids, even i toyed with 1 for fun one regarding half precession cycle and year 3571, being near the cosmic sign post.

        But in regards to the real mystery of zep tepi,the dream stela and sphinx, year 3571 is not the related to the true meaning of zep tepi.

        With events in my life, i can help but think of a stone i came across at the great pyramid. I think of the reject stone of the builders, perhaps the ben-ben stone of giza, could we be seeing a prophecy ? perhaps 1 in a billion, but i wont rule it out.

        Anyhow Bauval was wrong with the OCT, but to be fair, i think rob will be surprise with the true symbolism of the belt stars. Some people think since OCT was debunk, the ORion belt stars had no deep symbolism in this mystery, that is defineatly false, cute symbolism is there, get ready for it.

        Andrew collins is also incorrect in his theory with cygnus.

        i know that there is a chance khufu may of been buried outside the great pyramid. So for fun, i applied it to where i believe khufu is buried. I based on what truely is encoded in the mystery in the great pyramid and not any of the nonsense of pentagrams, or nonsense based on sun or nonsense based on moon or non sense on planets.

        ciao clemente

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