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I guess Clarke will get his chance once we land on Europa, huh? 😉

  • Curiosity begins driving at (newly named) Bradbury Landing. The 1st landmark of many to come in his honor, I’m sure.
  • But wait! Are those the Martian overlords making themselves visible to complain about the liberties we take with their geography, or just dead pixels?
  • Is Chasing UFOs’ level of crappiness intentional?
  • Pilgrims & Aliens: America’s 1st recorded UFO encounter.
  • Graphic Drake Equation calculator –but… but… that’s CHEATING.
  • Dinosaur footprints found @ Nasa’s Goddard Center. The discoverer? A Ufologist [Video]
  • That latest Nessie picture? HOAX!
  • Arctic ice cap is set for record melting this season. Ice melting is a bit like the Olympics: records are broken all the time.
  • Apocalypse NOT: Why you shouldn’t worry about the End Times.
  • …Then again: Tungurahua volcano explodes in Ecuador. Is it their way to greet Assange?
  • US scientists devise technique which provide us with all the uranium we could possibly need for thousands of years –provided we want it, that is…
  • What are the limits of human survival? The kind of info you’ll always wish to learn on a purely theoretical basis.
  • Japan’s ‘last Ninja’ reveals his secrets, before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.
  • Tony Scott, Engineers & JFK: Divine Sacrifice of the King.
  • Father’s age linked to risk of autism & schizophrenia in progeny. Memo to the GOP: PLEASE don’t let Akin read this –Um… on second thought, go right ahead!
  • Red pill of the day: Elderly woman ruins valuable artwork when attempting to ‘restore’ it. “Happy accidents” my ass, Bob!

Thanks to Rick, Kat & Susan.

Quote of the Day:

“The Enlightened take things Lightly.”

~from the Principia Discordia