News Briefs 23-08-2012

I guess Clarke will get his chance once we land on Europa, huh? 😉

  • Curiosity begins driving at (newly named) Bradbury Landing. The 1st landmark of many to come in his honor, I’m sure.
  • But wait! Are those the Martian overlords making themselves visible to complain about the liberties we take with their geography, or just dead pixels?
  • Is Chasing UFOs’ level of crappiness intentional?
  • Pilgrims & Aliens: America’s 1st recorded UFO encounter.
  • Graphic Drake Equation calculator –but… but… that’s CHEATING.
  • Dinosaur footprints found @ Nasa’s Goddard Center. The discoverer? A Ufologist [Video]
  • That latest Nessie picture? HOAX!
  • Arctic ice cap is set for record melting this season. Ice melting is a bit like the Olympics: records are broken all the time.
  • Apocalypse NOT: Why you shouldn’t worry about the End Times.
  • …Then again: Tungurahua volcano explodes in Ecuador. Is it their way to greet Assange?
  • US scientists devise technique which provide us with all the uranium we could possibly need for thousands of years –provided we want it, that is…
  • What are the limits of human survival? The kind of info you’ll always wish to learn on a purely theoretical basis.
  • Japan’s ‘last Ninja’ reveals his secrets, before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.
  • Tony Scott, Engineers & JFK: Divine Sacrifice of the King.
  • Father’s age linked to risk of autism & schizophrenia in progeny. Memo to the GOP: PLEASE don’t let Akin read this –Um… on second thought, go right ahead!
  • Red pill of the day: Elderly woman ruins valuable artwork when attempting to ‘restore’ it. “Happy accidents” my ass, Bob!

Thanks to Rick, Kat & Susan.

Quote of the Day:

“The Enlightened take things Lightly.”

~from the Principia Discordia

  1. NatGeo As Debunker
    The assessment that NatGeo is cleverly debunking UFO phenomena is right on. They are also running shows attempting to debunk 911 conspiracy theory by showing only the goofiest researchers and generally muddying the waters with straw men. They are obviously in the pocket of whoever it is trying to turn the country into a dumbed down gulag where the average level of awareness of the “common man” is abysmal. I now regard Natgeo to be a channel of disinfo mostly as is The History Channel.

  2. ruins artwork
    I just died a little inside. And it kills me when people do this to antiques. If you think you know how to fix something, you probably don’t and you suck for trying 😛

    Thank god it wasn’t a DaVinci….

    1. Epic Fail
      The end result is also a blatant example of how humans tackle with their mistakes: Instead of stopping at the early signs of trouble, she just kept on going! probably thinking the mess would be fully solved only after completion.

      Have fun finding other examples of this attitude in the last 20 years of human civilization 😉

  3. Nuclear Radiation Is Not Safe!
    Red Pill

    People have been adversely affected by the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident! Some people have died and others are in the hospital. The full extent of the damage to human health won’t be known for atleast 20 years. But, it is estimated that Fukushima will ultimately cause between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people to die!

    Either the article “…All The Uraniun…” is tongue and cheek or it is dangerous propagand from the nuclear power industry!

      1. There Aren’t Many Incidents So Far; but,…

        That is about to change. When the personal liability law suits are settled before long, the TEPCO Executives won’t have a pot to piss in. They will become street people. An honorable apology could help their families. So, they will make an honorable apology by doing Seppuku/Harakiri!

    1. Tongue in cheek
      The tongue-in-cheekness is partly mine. But also the blokes at The Register have always shown a rather cynic way of going through stories.

      You say Nuclear is not safe. I would counter that there are no safe energies anywhere, when what you’re trying to do is providing energy for 7 billion people in the planet. Remember BP?

      So, in light of that, as hard as it is to realize, maybe we have no choice at the moment but go Nuclear.

      1. Nikola Tesla Found Safe Energy!
        Red Pill

        Nikola Tesla’s systems will be used in Africa! They are being studied in Japan and other parts of Asia. Electricity will be free and the system will be wireless.

        Hydro-electric power is safe and easy. You don’t need dams to get it either. Just put turbines in rivers.

        1. Turbines in rivers
          But you *do* need rivers 😉

          Look, I know there are a lot of interesting alternative strategies out there, and I’m pretty sure they’re not being push forward aggressively enough because Big Oil has kept them repressed for a long time. But we have to understand that when it comes to big infrastructures, the kind energy distribution depends on, projects take DECADES to be planned.


          So, that’s why right now our only reliable life line is Nuclear energy. Too messy? Too risky? OK, so then let’s all turn off our computers right now. Get off the Internet and reduce your electric consumption 50%, so that the energy demand can be answered exclusively with clean alternative energies, wind and thermo and what-have-you.

          …Still here?

          Well, then I guess we’ve tacitly made our decision, haven’t we?

          1. I Understand Where You Are Coming From!
            Red Pill

            It will take Japan about 20 years to be totally non-nuclear. I’m not saying, “Turn off all nuclear reactors now.” But, people get too complacent. My point is that it’s time to start developing alternate energy sources now, not one nano-second from now!

          1. He was a lonely, antisocial
            He was a lonely, antisocial man who therefore had lots of time to himself to think and work – our gain. Tesla acted a bit crazy but that was only because he was so urgent to spill his mind out before death caught him.

  4. Japan’s Last Ninja
    Red Pill

    This article was in the Japanese newspapers also; but, I seemed to have over looked it the first time that I scanned your news briefs.

    I’m happy that it was written; because, it puts ninjas and the ninja life style into perspective! Ninja’s were very talented and very versatial.

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