News Briefs 02-08-2012

So why didn’t the corgis jump off the chopper too?

Thanks to Kat & Rick.

Quote of the Day:

“Apparently, “conspiracy stuff” is now shorthand for unspeakable truth.”

~Gore Vidal (October 3, 1925 – July 31, 2012)

  1. The Other Barbarian at the Gates . . .
    It sounds more as if Greene wants to convince the proles he feels our pain so when the revolution comes the screaming hoards will pass over his vast estates (like the Lord in Exodus). I, for one, don’t believe his self-serving BS for a New York Magazine minute.

    Nevertheless he does have a point. There is an awful lot of weaponry out there among the US citizenry and when they finally realize how badly they’ve been screwed it will be open season on corporate jackals. But, that day won’t be coming soon because the former American middle class are still stuporously awaiting the “restoration” while continuing to closely identify with the architects of their own downfall.

    1. Let them eat cake

      “Nobody gets it,” he grumbles, gunning over the boardwalk that leads from his boathouse to the beach. “I see David Koch a lot of the time. His policies are ridiculous. I don’t think he’s ever been to one of these schools where they have a rolling cart, where one computer has to go to different classrooms, and it can make so much difference, a $700 computer! I don’t think these guys realize, this is what they’re cutting off? To say to those kids, ‘Too bad, every man for himself’?”

      Which is EXACTLY what happened in Mexico, where a whole generation of what we call “Ni Nis” —because they neither go to school nor work— see the life-style of the narcos and think “Hey, better live 10 years as a king, than the rest of your life as a pauper.”

      1. The super rich are used to
        The super rich are used to getting their way, but with these new events there is no frigging way anyone knows what might happen, and that scares the upper classes. In a collapsed world economy there is nowhere to hide for very long. Even Paraguay is not guarantee of a hideout.
        I always remember what George Bush Sr. said once to Sara McLendon:

        “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up on the lampposts.”

        Even if that is apocryphal it is true. The rich are getting edgy and nervous. There is a sense that their fiscal and social operatives went way too far in the past decade, and that the internet has ferreted them out more deeply that it was thought possible at the beginning of the decade with the first major shot fired over the bow – 911. General public discovery of 911 and other staged machinations is having a huge effect on the consciousness of the hoi polloi. It is a powder keg in many ways. You often here that the American people are asleep about this stuff, but that is not what I am seeing. The American people are waiting to see what happens next and what to do about it if it does. That is more like dozing with one eye open.

        1. Not so sure about that . . .
          Not where I live.

          They’re all just praying for real estate inflation to come back soon so they can be “rescued” from their bad decisions by some other not very bright home buyers taking equally foolhardy risks.

          Those who were lucky (not necessarily smart) to stay employed throughout the economic slide express no compassion or concern for those who are now chronically unemployed or employed only sporadically in low-wage temporary work.

          You are far more “hopeful” about our fellow Americans than I am.

          1. In General,…

            In economic times like these, the lower salaried people have a better chance of staying employed. And, most of these people don’t really care about people who could afford to speculate in the real estate market!

        2. What Happens Next Is A Chaotic Mess In The Anglosphere!

          Most of the wealthy elite don’t have basic survival instincts; because, they have never needed them. Others, like me, have nothing to lose and our survival instincts are well honed. What happens next is about survival and survival instincts! So, in my opinion, the elite are in big trouble; but, the average person might have a fighting chance!

      1. I know some wealthy folks who
        I know some wealthy folks who have very, very good survival instincts – that is how they self made their pile of dough in the first place. Those are the people most aware of how fate can turn on a dime and the people most concerned about what might happen. It is just a case of what the economist Al Martin calls “eating the rich.” That is always a distinct possibility when there are blow ups like the one into which we are heading.

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      1. Viva Mexican Soccer!!!
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  3. Let Marilyn Monroe Rest In Peace!
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    I remember Marilyn Monroe and I remember her death. Marilyn Monroe was a nice person who was a little flaky at times and her work habbits were horrorible; but, Marilyn Monroe was a very nice person. She was also the first Playboy Magazine Playmate Of The Month. To clarify, Marilyn was from a rather poor family and posing for the pictures helped her family. So, she posed for the pictures which Hugh Hefner of Playboy Magazine fame purchased from the photographer. Her appearance in Playboy Magazine was a very unpleasant shock to Marilyn. But, it helped Hollywood which tried to portray Marilyn as a dumb blond sex symbol. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Marilyn was actually a rather wholesome person who was reasonably intelligent. I never viewed Marilyn Monroe as a sex symbol. Furthermore, she never saw herself as a sex symbol; but, she did play the game at times in order to eat. Marilyn was a talented actress who could have been a fine dramatic actress; but, Hollywood never gave her a chance to be a dramatic actress!

    I’m sick of the cottage industry that has grown-up around Marilyn Monroe’s death; but, it is another way for Hollywood to make money! Marilyn Monroe deserves to be allowed to rest in peace! So, let Marilyn rest in peace!!!

    1. Never gave her a chance

      but, Hollywood never gave her a chance to be a dramatic actress!

      She should have quit, then. Problem is, I don’t think she ever learned how to.

      1. You Are Right!
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        Marilyn didn’t know how to quit! The same thing happened to two other actresses who did quit, Jane Mansfield and Ursala Andress; but, Marilyn refused to quit!

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