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Shing Tat Chung is more than acquainted with the role superstitions play in people’s lives: his parents changed his name on the advice of a fortune teller. That sort of influence may have something to do with the project he’s just launched: an experimental investment fund that will make decisions based on superstitions. The Superstitious Fund is…

…a live one year experiment where an uncanny algorithm or SUPERSTITIOUS AUTOMATED ROBOT will trade live on the stock market. The financial instruments it will be using will be spreadbetting on the FTSE 100.

The superstitious trading algorithm will trade purely on the belief of NUMEROLOGY and in accordance to the MOON. It will for example have the fear of the number 13, as well as generating its own beliefs and new logic for trading.

Unfortunately (or, it may turn out, fortunately), you can no longer invest in the Superstitious Fund – though you can express interest in joining the next one by emailing the project through their website (minimum investment 2GBP).

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