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Paranthropology 3:3

The latest issue (Vol 3, Number 3) of the free PDF journal Paranthropology (“anthropological approaches to the paranormal”) is now available to download. In the new release:

  • “A Paradigm Breaking Hypothesis for Solving the Mind-Body Problem” – Bernardo Kastrup
  • “Psychic Surgery as a “Breaking Frame”: Ethnographic Observations of a London Based Psychic Surgeon” – Lara Bauer
  • “Tylor and Neo-Tylorian Approaches to the Study of Religion: Re-Evaluating an Important Lineage in the Theorisation of Religion” – Liam Sutherland
  • “Child Witches: From Imaginary Cannibalism to Ritual Abuse in London” – Leo Ruickbie
  • “The Shamanic Flight of the Soul: Visiting Other Worlds” – Erwin Rooijakkers
  • “Entheogenic Spirituality and Gender in Australia” – Joseph Gelfer
  • REVIEW: Raymond Tallis: “Aping Mankind” at the Watershed, Bristol – Jack Hunter
  • REVIEW: “Perspective on Clinical Parapsychology: An Introductory Reader” – Callum E. Cooper

And in case you haven’t read this great resource before, all of the previous issues remain available to download from the site as well. Don’t forget to support the journal with a PayPal donation if you find it interesting and/or useful.

Paranthropology is also celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary of publication with a newly-released print anthology (I guess that makes it a paranthropologyanthology!). The 271-page hardcover, edited by Jack Hunter, retails for £17.00 – for purchasing details, click on the cover below.

Paranthropology Anthology