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Kickstarter: The Numinous Place

Last week I linked to the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for The Silver Cord, a comic book seemingly made for Grailers with its fusion of spirituality and technology.* This week I’ve come across another Kickstarter campaign right up the Grail alley, so to speak: The Numinous Place, a futuristic book project combining topics from lucid dreaming to Da Vinci Code-like puzzle sleuthing:

THE NUMINOUS PLACE is not just the world’s most technologically advanced book… It’s a totally new way of storytelling… A chillingly realistic adventure that takes you to the afterlife and back.

THE NUMINOUS PLACE has the visual impact of a Hollywood blockbuster, and the pace, depth and intrigue of an irresistible work of fiction.

We use video, audio, images and text to tell the story of the greatest conspiracy of all time…

It’s like if THE DA VINCI CODE came to life in your hands showing you actual video footage of the clues and interviews with suspects, presented the real life historical documents and artifacts, and played you recordings of crucial pieces of evidence.

THE NUMINOUS PLACE does all this in such an authentic way, you’ll be swept along in the cosmic detective story like never before, as we show you the evidence that proves you are not who or where you think you are.

As is usual with Kickstarter campaigns, there are various pledge-level packages available for The Numinous Place – check out the TNP Kickstarter page for full details and more information about the project.

And for those that enjoy synchronicities: a few days after creator Mark Staufer emailed me about The Numinous Place, I received a few news links from Grailers regarding a green-lit feature film about the life of comedian Bill Hicks, to be directed by Russell Crowe. The script-writer? Mark Staufer. Down the rabbit hole we go…

(* Subsequent to our linkage, The Silver Cord – which had been struggling to make its target – got a rush of pledges and made its target! Not sure how much of a role we played in that, but we did at least get a thank you from the TSC team.)

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