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$#it New Age Girls Say

I’m in a bad mood, and I need a LULz fix before the weekend starts —hope you get a kick out of it too.

If you feel identified in any way with the video, like STOP it, k? Peppering your dialogue with Choprenglish is not going to get you any closer to your Pleiadian guides.

[OK, feeling better now…]

  1. 🙂
    Thank You for that. I know people like that!

    Unfortunately being stuck on a business trip has got to me a bit – this has cheered me up in that there is still silliness in the world.

    Cheers Paolo

    1. People like that
      Well, everything is relative, and I’m sure that to many people who know me, I would appear to them exactly like the girl in the video.

      I think the only redeeming difference is this: The certainty.

      The so-called New Age movement is full of people who profess a level of certainty about all these ideas —let’s call them by their name: beliefs— that is confusing at best, and annoying at worst.

      I wholly embrace Robert Anton Wilson’s Maybe philosophy: I’ll look at stories about UFOs, Bigfoot, haunted houses, psychic phenomena, and even the stuff I’ve personally experienced, and I’ll reach the conclusion that there’s something real behind it all —MAYBE.

      But I also believe that we in the paranormal —and boy do I loathe the term— community should not be so ready to keep feeding the Tim Minchins of the world

      And I’m struggling not to become one of them myself, because the other side —the Skeptoids— are equally annoying.

      1. Very encouraging to see that
        Very encouraging to see that chemtrails might be a common topic of discussion among any group. We will take whatever we can get. The beauty of that true conspiracy is that all one has to do to see it is look up, but someone has to motivate you to look up. Most people do not look up. That little reference alone made my day.

        1. With friends like these…
          IMHO I don’t think that brief mention would encourage anyone to take the chemtrails seriously, or to look up for them —regardless of whether they are real or not.

          But, what do I know? Maybe a lot of people started to take Area 51 seriously after they stopped laughing about it when they went to see ID4 😉

  2. Fortunately,This Fad Has Not Come To Japan!!!
    Red Pill

    This vidio reminds me of some of the stupider parts of the 1960s and early 1970s!

    {Disclaimer: There is no relationship between the events depicted and ideas espoused in this vidio and Asian Culture, especially not Japanese Culture!}

    1. from the Wholly-Moses-Dept.
      I’m glad that you, Asian Culture, & the Japanese can laugh at themselves and their various silly things that they have done, are doing (lucky numbers?) and will do…

      Helps keep one young and the ol’ pipes unplugged…

  3. from the Lightener-Inc-Dept.
    NIIICE geode :3

    the makers of the video have a website and an organization…

    looks like they have a good sense of humour on their shoulders as they try to Elevate :3

    Like the Portlandia series…

    (funny thing, to somebunall people outside of dailygrail, we must seem like the character in that video)

    Thanks for cluing me into this org

    More people who are creating and exploring their own culture, programming their own reality…

      1. from the Humanity-is-Strange-Dept.
        [quote=red pill junkie]There’s nothing more liberating than self-laughter ;)[/quote]

        It can be practical, as well — I remember this one time I caught some kind of GI bug that caught through the air and I was chained to the bathroom with the sluices being open at both ends…

        I learned that if I laughed after I yakked (jargon for ‘throw up’) into the tub I felt better…put things into perspective…

  4. The Culture Is Spreading?
    Red Pill

    We must contain the culture before it spreads too far! I suggest sanctions and a humanitarian intervention into the culture.

    Do you think that they are making nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction?

    1. from the Don’t-Fear-Nuclear-Enthusiasm-Dept.

      its weapons of Enlightenment and Self-laughter, two very dangerous things…

      With these two, why, you can have an Israel-Palestine mock commune in your back yard, where people oppress each other by one upping each other with songs and poetry…maybe you should try it sometime? You might get on the news and your unique culture might then spread and ‘liberate’ some of your countryfolk…

      1. I Was Making Fun Of The Stupid U.S. Foreign Policy!

        Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons and they have no intention of developing nuclear weapons! Furthermore, everybody knows this! Pick your intelligence service, they will tell you this! The U.S. and the U.K. want a war; because, they have a suicidal desire to control the world. They want to set-up a One World Government! After they have lost their little war, the Anglosphere will be dead and so will One World Government! Personally, I think that everyone would be better off if Iran had nuclear weapons; but, I respect Iran for not building nuclear weapons. On the other hand, I have absolutely no respect for B.N., E.B., T.B., D.C., B.C., G.B., B.O., H.C., S.R., P.W., etc..

        1. Iran
          They might not be the big bad wolf, but they are neither the white doves you paint them to be Cnnek.

          I don’t have any respect for a government who cannot tolerate any dissent among their citizens.

          1. I’m Trying To Put Things Into Perspective, Not Paint White Doves
            Red Pill,

            None of the countries involved is a white dove. I’m opposed to One World Government and the Anglosphere. I’m opposed to countries that want to exploit other countries.

            Based on my Non-Mainstream-Media sources non-violent dissent is allow in Iran. In fact, the President of Iran would be in prison if dissent wasn’t allowed. In your life time and probably my life time, Iran will be a democracy again! In 1952 the CIA led a coup and deposed their democraticly elected government! The U.S. then installed the Shaw who killed and imprisoned all dissenters. Iran is not perfect; but, it is on the road to democracy!

            I don’t respect governments that cannot tolerate dissent either!

          2. from the Islington-Erewhon-Train-Dept.
            I’d guess that you are quite attached to Japan and some aspects of its ‘culture’ and are afraid that it will disappear under a One World Government and that would be a bad thing to you?

          3. from the Lasting-Complaints-Dept.
            [quote=red pill junkie]They might not be the big bad wolf, but they are neither the white doves you paint them to be Cnnek.

            I don’t have any respect for a government who cannot tolerate any dissent among their citizens.[/quote]

            cnnek is from a vastly different culture than you or I — what he views as good and bad are order and chaos — to him, countries like the Ewe Ess Eh are bad because to him they promote chaos…so dissent is bad if it promotes chaos…it’s a fascinating cultural ethics/morality…

      1. Oh No! Not Weapons Of Mass Dilusion!
        Red Pill

        Now, I understand why North American and the European Union Political Leaders don’t understand that their economies are crashing and that the game is over!

    2. Late to the party, but still…
      Do you think that they are making nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction?

      Not unless they can make them in their Occupy tents. 😉

  5. If you ain’t got anything nice to say…
    While I’m sure pagans and New Agers aren’t afraid to poke a bit of fun at themselves, this video crosses that fine line between light-hearted humour and condescending ridicule. Ironically, the video says more about the filmmakers than the people it ridicules. I found it obnoxious, and I’m one of the biggest skeptics about Pyramidal energy fields and crystal healing.

      1. from the Please-Give-This-$#it-A-Break-Dept.
        Time for a change, Inanna. 😉

        Like I said, I have no probs with poking fun at ourselves. I just didn’t find the video funny at all, just pretentious with a real nasty sarcasm streak to it. And it’s clear from his comments that RPJ posted it because he thinks New Agers are f*cking idiots and this video is gold.

        1. New Agers are f*cking idiots.
          If by New Agers you mean a certain niche of the market –and yes, that’s the term we should use– who have changed their material craving for iPods and Dolce & Gavana and Big Macs for quartz crystals and hemp clothing and organic produce because they like to feel hip and follow ‘original’ trends, then NO: I don’t think they are f*cking idiots.

          But I do think they are part of the problem.

          1. stepping into this…
            …I thought it was funny because it makes fun of what most people (sadly) believe New Agers are, especially those who do get too heavy into it and start believing the Ascended Masters are “talking” through them and then convince them to buy 6 DVDs that won’t help them at all. It’s sad when you think about, not how gullible people are or that they are idiots (they’re not), but that society has turned so against them that they have to turn to this extreme.

        2. from the Nuturant-Prehensile-Platypus-Dept.
          [quote=Rick MG]Time for a change, Inanna. 😉

          Like I said, I have no probs with poking fun at ourselves. I just didn’t find the video funny at all, just pretentious. And it’s clear from his comments that RPJ posted it because he thinks New Agers are f*cking idiots and this video is gold.[/quote]

          Good — for a moment there, I thought you were changing culture to American…:3

          Australians — the Comedy Klingons/Dosadi of Earth

          (the colonists couldn’t be pretentious else they’d end up dead dead dead…Darwinism producing comedy? Awesome)

    1. Themselves
      That’s where I feel we differ, Rick. You see, it’s not ‘themselves’, it’s OURSELVES.

      *I* have used some of those terms at one time or the other. Hell, I have a post in my blog entitled Akassic Download, for Ctulhu’s sake –and yes, I still feel it was some sort of information transmission.

      Like I wrote above, I’m quite certain many among my family think I’m a loony because I like to read books about UFOs and Bigfoot. I am the girl in the video!

      But I can still get the punchline. That’s what gets me perspective.

      I think? I’ll have to meditate on it 😉

  6. Hipstexperiencers

    I'm hoping that the members of TDG, and I mean the people who've hanged around here for several years, can understand that by posting this particular video I meant no disrespect to them because of their alternative philosophies or alternative life styles.

    Who I meant to criticize are the posers. The young kids who enthusiastically learn this alt jargon like Chakras and Third Eye and like to eat raw food or choose to go Vegan NOT out of a deep personal resolution, but because it's the hip thing to do.

    Same way some twenty-somethings like to wear Star Wars T-shirts not because they consider themselves geeks, or have a true passion for the Trilogy, but because they like to wear expensive designer clothing. But if I crossed the line, then I apologize.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, RPJ
      [quote=red pill junkie]Who I meant to criticize are the posers. The young kids who enthusiastically learn this alt jargon like Chakras and Third Eye and like to eat raw food or choose to go Vegan NOT out of a deep personal resolution, but because it’s the hip thing to do.[/quote]

      Thanks for the clarification of why you posted the video, RPJ. Much appreciated and I 101% agree with you about the posers (ironically, I find the filmmakers are a bunch of posers themselves — posers ridiculing other posers, how metaphysical!). However, I doubt this is what the filmmakers intended. It reminds me a lot of Penn & Teller’s sense of “humour”, and I’m surprised Elevate haven’t made a video showing UFO researchers and alien abductees as anal-probed weirdo morons.

      1. Intent of the film-makers
        You know, I’ve seen more than a few of those ‘Shit (_______) say’ on the Youtubes, and the reason the best ones are funny, it’s because they are made from people on the INSIDE of that particular subculture –so that’s why they know best what (______) say 😉

          1. Taking offense…
            I want to see the $#it New Age Girls Say filmmakers in John Cleese’s chair, and apologise for making fun of the feathers and harmony crystal beads I braided into my beard. The beard saved the lives of bears, it’s for a good cause dammit!

          2. Aye!
            That’s a saintly beard that is. People will start making pilgrimages to your home wishing just to touch it, and in 200 years or so it will surely become a priced relic –the holy beard of Saint Rick the Hirsute, patron of bears and gingers 😉

          3. $99 a touch?
            Some rich f**k will own the beard…

            Chief Joseph war shirt fetches $877,500 at auction.

            A war shirt worn by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe that can be seen in a painting hanging in the Smithsonian Institution sold Saturday for $877,500 at auction, organizers said.

            … and your sacred beard will be stored in a bank safety deposit box as a hedge against inflation…

            Super-rich are hiding £13,000,000,000,000 from the taxman.

            [A figure that is] more than the gross domestic product of the United States and Japan put together…
            He said he was unsurprised by the £13tn figure – and believed the true amount was even higher once assets such as yachts and private jets were taken into account.

            “What the figure doesn’t include is the non-financial assets, the yachts, the jets, the works of art [including sacred beards], the racehorses, the real estate,” he said.

            “We know that this is a massive issue as well. Many of the super-rich hold a very large proportion of their wealth in non-financial assets. …

    1. All I can say is please keep
      All I can say is please keep up the mocking of the chemtrail thing. It makes people look up and therein lies the tale right there in front of their faces.

      Then tell everybody for a real “laugh” they can watch this video below. I want to see chemtrails mocked at The Onion and on Saturday Night Live, please.

      1. not surprising
        i think china did something like this when they had the olympics to stop the rain. (probably because it would have melted the athletes’ faces off)

        1. Rain
          But, didn’t they seed the clouds in order to make it rain? i remember the concerns because of the smog levels, and how the Americans were saying their athletes were going to use gas masks if the pollution didn’t improve?

          1. yes
            they did talk about masks but it leaked somewhere that they wanted to stop the rain as well. i think people where more afraid of “the communist nation of china” being able to control weather.

  7. Vaccines mentioned!
    For an explanation (for this stuff and, say, Tom Cruise), all i can come up with is that certain personalities get such a rush of euphoria from getting to learn Something Others Don’t Know! The Mystery!

    For this to work, however, intellectual criticism must be silenced by the rush, for a good long time. Now go and extract that hormone cocktail from the blood of these poor people, and create a vaccine for gullibility! 🙂

    EDIT: Nice, google found one for me

    1. I can’t think of a
      I can’t think of a “personality” on this forum who gets more of a “rush” holding forth as though they are infallible than you. Of all the sophomoric egomaniacs here you have the strongest resemblance to a tyro.

  8. Lotsa commentary
    Wow. Just caught up on the comments since Friday. Seems like some had their delicate sensibilities offended. It was a funny video and post – and like most things subject to personal interpretations and reactions. If we can’t make fun of ourselves then the police state aka big brother is already here… Little thing the founding fathers of the U.S. included in their Constitution was freedom of speech – for better or worse…:)

    1. Sensibilities
      I defend freedom of speech, yet I’m aware there’s a time and place for everything.

      This post sure kept me busy all weekend with self-reflection! 🙂

    1. Re:trolls I have had a lot of
      Re:trolls I have had a lot of experience with them. I still enjoy spanking one occasionally. Even when they are just acting there is often enough troll in everyone that addressing one addresses all.

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