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“I, Pet Goat II” is a fantastic surrealistic animated short by Heliofant, an independent computer animation studio based in Canada “focused on creating experimental and challenging content”. The film explores the 21st century so far, exploring the symbolic, spiritual, political, technological and philosophical elements influencing us all over the last 12 years, through a surrealistic-tinted lens. I’ve embedded it below, but please make sure you full-screen it to get the full effect – it’s jaw-droppingly pretty – and have your sound turned up to enjoy the excellent soundtrack accompaniment as well (warning – some cartoon nudity, if that’s something that offends you):

If you enjoy the film, you can donate to offset some of the production costs at the Heliofant website, where you’ll also find extra goodies such as gorgeous desktop wallpaper images taken from the film.

(h/t glibmongo)