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A fun and fascinating Reddit thread: people sharing their personal “glitch in the Matrix” stories:

Reddit, tell me your “glitch in the Matrix” stories.

I’m talking weird occurrences, coincidences you haven’t been able to easily explain. I’ll start.

We have a breakfast laid on at work every morning, just a simple buffet of eggs, bacon what have you. Nothing huge and it’s really only to feed about a dozen people or so. I am usually one of the first guys from my team to get to work and the kitchen was deserted as usual. I walked into the little kitchen, there was a ceramic egg tray thing with 12 eggs in it, like the bottom half of an egg carton with a socket for each egg. All spaces are filled with warm freshly boiled eggs.

I take one, walk over to the garbage bin, shuck the shell then I walk back over to the food and stop dead. There are 12 eggs in the tray again. No one entered the room while I was peeling the thing. I touched the mystery egg it was the same temp as the other eggs around it.

Not a big thing, nothing major, but something very strange. Given one does not get presented with strange eggs from a parallel universe every day I peeled and ate that one too.

TL:DR – Found strange quantum egg at breakfast. Ate it. Did not gain super powers.

Do you have your own story to tell?

(h/t @GrailSeeker)