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Our friends at Reality Sandwich have added a feature article excerpted from Paul and Charla Devereux’s Lucid Dreaming: Accessing Your Inner Virtual Realities (Amazon US or Amazon UK), which Daily Grail Publishing released a couple of years ago. The excerpt is titled “Awake Within a Dream“, and offers a few basic ways to access this neglected human talent for your own benefit:

You have to find ways to alert yourself within a normal dream that you are dreaming, but the level of consciousness that has to be achieved requires a fine balancing act between falling back into unaware dreaming, or waking up from sleep altogether. It is virtually a form of yoga that can only be learned through trial and error. Emotional control, even a measure of detachment, is necessary to maintain a lucid dream experience for any length of time. If you become too excited, you wake up; if too absorbed in the content of the lucid dream, there is a risk of slipping back into ordinary, non-aware dreaming. “Like crossing a narrow board, you must keep your balance to avoid falling one way or the other,” Garfield advises.

…We have given each of the lucid dream induction “packages” described below a “brand name”. Look at all these packages as if you were browsing along a supermarket shelf. Pick out those that have an initial appeal for you, and leave the others until another visit if necessary.

Go check out the full article at Reality Sandwich, and also take a look at another excerpt from the book posted here on TDG, “Introduction to Lucid Dreaming“. Better yet, go grab a copy of the complete book for your continued personal reference from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

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