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If, like me, you’re interested in the field of scientific research into strange experiences at the time of death, then the “Final Passages” conference which took place a couple of weeks ago surely would have been a lot of fun to attend, with talks from the likes of Stan Grof, Raymond Moody, Pim van Lommel, Penny Sartori and Marilyn Schlitz:

The 2012 Bioethics Forum offered two days of thoughtful information-sharing and discussion regarding “Final Passages: Research on Near Death & the Experience of Dying.” Designed for the general public, it focused on the sharing of scientific research and the consideration of related social and ethical issues. Many questions related to near death experiences (NDE), dying, and consciousness were addressed by global experts

Welp, here’s the good news. All of the talks from that conference have now been made freely available online in video format. Woot, dig in!

(h/t @MarilynSchlitz)