Crossing the Threshold of the Afterlife (Campaign)

Wow, after my post a few days ago regarding the faltering crowd-funding campaign for my afterlife book project, the Grailers out there have rallied! As I write this we’re now only $84 away from reaching the project’s original goal – that means we only need to pre-sell *ONE* more limited edition hardcover to cross the line a winner! Anybody want to take the honour? Click here and select the hardcover option to make my day.

Just to make note of the complete ‘package’ that you get with the pre-ordered hardcover, for those that haven’t clicked through yet: it is not only one of a limited edition, but also signed by myself, and also will include your name within its pages (if desired) for posterity. Not to mention, with the package you also get the eBook gift pack – a DRM-free copy of the eBook version which you have explicit permission to give to 10 other friends/family. Some decent value there surely?

And if the hardcover is out of your range, remember you can still contribute by choosing from a number of other packages which all offer various degrees of awesomeness.

The clock is ticking – only 32 hours to go as I write this. Get in!

Update: Achievement unlocked! We’ve made the funding goal, with a little over 24 hours remaining – thanks so much for all your support! If you haven’t already, make sure you grab one of the special deals before tomorrow if you want one (e.g. getting your name in the book, or the 10 eBooks for $20 package).