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Grailers, your help is needed! There’s less than a week to go on the crowd-funding campaign for the book I’m currently writing, on scientific research and personal experiences offering evidence for some sort of ‘afterlife’. We’ve done amazingly well to get to 70% of the goal, but without a final effort we’re going to fall agonizingly short (the promo on the right side of the page is currently lagging, there are actually only 4 days left!). Are you interested in the topic? If so, chip in a few dollars (or more), and get something awesome in return.

You can get THE ENTIRE BOOK as an eBook, DRM-free and in the format of your choice FOR JUST $5. Or, if you’re a collector (or investor), you can grab a limited edition hardcover AND GET A PERSONAL THANK YOU PRINTED IN EVERY COPY, there for posterity. Take a look at all the packages on offer and see what takes your fancy. Even if you can’t afford the paltry $5 ‘entry fee’, at least help spread the word by posting about the campaign to your friends, on Facebook etc. You will at least have my deep appreciation!

Here’s the promotional video once again to get you in the mood:

Mega-thanks to all those who have contributed so far, and for those willing to do so in the next 6 days to help get us across the line. Here’s the link again, in case you missed it:


Cheers, and have a good weekend!