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Journal of Cryptozoology

Interesting development in the hunt for strange beasties: the Journal of Cryptozoology. Here’s the announcement from cryptozoologist Karl Shuker:

[A]lthough some mainstream zoological journals are beginning to show slightly less reluctance than before to publish papers with a cryptozoological theme, it is still by no means an easy task for such papers to gain acceptance, and, as a result, potentially significant, serious contributions to the subject are not receiving the scientific attention that they deserve. Now, however, they have a journal of their own once again, and one that adheres to the same high standards for publication as mainstream zoological periodicals.

To that end, a distinguished peer review panel has been assembled, currently numbering ten members in total* (although this may increase in the future), consisting of some of the world’s most eminent zoologists and associated researchers in their respective fields. And I am honoured to have been invited by the journal’s originator and publisher, CFZ Press, to become Editor – an invitation that I am delighted to accept.

It is planned that each volume of the Journal of Cryptozoology should contain at least four papers. These can be discussion or review articles concerning a given cryptozoological subject, research-related papers, or field reports…

…It is always exciting to be part of a major new development, and I believe that the Journal of Cryptozoology marks a major new development in the advancement and mainstream awareness of cryptozoology. I hope that you will too.

Consequently, I now wish to take this opportunity to make a formal call for papers for publication in the journal’s inaugural volume, scheduled for publication later this year.

See the ShukerNature blog for full details concerning the guidelines and requirements for submission of papers to the journal, as well as the JoC’s definition of the word ‘cryptid’.

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