Sh*t That Skeptics Say

Nice to see some skeptics can poke a bit of fun at themselves (NSFW language):

Though I think they forgot the old psychic line “they should have seen that coming”…

  1. More sh*t skeptics say
    Actually, there are quite a few more we might add to that list besides yours, Greg:

    “Those were simply Chinese lanterns.”
    “Statistically, remarkable coincidences are to be expected.”
    “The Patterson-Gimlin film is known to be a hoax.”
    “People believe in the paranormal/God/synchronicity/aliens/conspiracies/ghosts, etc. because they can’t accept that they might live in a meaningless universe. It gives them comfort.”
    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”
    “Has it been peer-reviewed?”
    “Confirmation bias.”
    “There’s no way the government could have kept something that big a secret for this long.”
    “I somehow can’t believe that aliens would travel all this way just to stick a probe into some hillbilly named Billy Bob.”
    “In this day and age of digital cameras and cell phones, you’d think there would be some good quality photos of UFOs by now”
    “In this day and age of digital cameras and cell phones, photos of UFOs can be faked so easily that they no longer mean anything as evidence.”

  2. I think that people poking
    I think that people poking fun at others for their believes is really wrong, like when he called God and imaginary friend but sometimes these people just make themselves look bad but this was pretty funny.


    People do say the craziest things in this cyber guide so to see them said all wrapped up in one video is very funny and entertaining because they sound so silly.

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