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News Briefs 31-01-2012

For those that could never tell the colour of shite, things have become even more complicated.

  • Paper denying HIV AIDS link sparks resignation.
  • Morgellons: all in the head?
  • For a moon colony technology is the easy part.
  • Artificial braneworlds made to collide in lab.
  • Explosive volcano may lurk beneath Death Valley.
  • Volcanic origin for the Litte Ice Age. And for the big one?
  • The north star may be wasting away.
  • Amazon rainforest mapped to unprecedented detail.
  • Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells leaving healthy cells unharmed.
  • Shipwreck hunters stumble across mysterious find.
  • Bournemouth resident mystified by blue sphere shower.
  • Stonehenge precursor found? Island complex predates famous site.
  • Skin samples used to create brain cells.
  • Frenetic pace of Ethiopia’s khat boomtown.
  • Bulletproof skin stops a speeding gunshot.
  • Blue whales keep getting bigger.
  • Testicular zap may stop sperm from becoming royally rife, after a fashion.

Quote of the Day:

Prevention is better than cure.

Desiderius Erasmus

  1. Bournemouth resident mystified by blue sphere shower
    I suspect these are Magic Marbles aka Jelly Marbles – I bought a box for my daughters. They are hard plastic spheres about 3mm in diameter that when submersed in water grow to 20mm marble, then if they dry out they shrink back down. It takes days to grow and shrink. They retain their shape but once engorged can easily be broken as shown in the pictures. Either this guy is well intentioned and found these in his yard and truly believes they rained down when more likely some kids left them there or this is a weak attempt at a hoax and notoriety.

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