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Darklore Volume 6: The Magonia Review

For anybody that missed it in the lead-up to Christmas: late last year we released Volume 6 of our Darklore anthology series. I’ve had great feedback about the new release from numerous quarters, and was especially happy to see this glowing review by Fortean ‘veteran’ John Rimmer at the Magonia blog:

Every issue of Dark Lore is eagerly anticipated, and the sixth is no disappointment. The twelve essays cover a huge range of the paranormal, the anomalous, and just simply the weird, and all are written with authority… Scholarly and academic, intriguing, amusing, revelatory and accessible, this volume of Dark Lore is well worth its place on any Magonian’s bookshelf – along with the previous five, of course!

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, you can find it at most online book retailers. Here’s the links to Amazon:

Darklore VI Paperback

Darklore VI Limited Edition Hardcover

Remember that you can find three sample articles from the latest release as PDFs at the Darklore website (as well as from previous releases), and I also added one of the sample articles to TDG in HTML as well (“Anthropology of the Weird“, by Jack Hunter).

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