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Global Consciousness Project – Japan Earthquake

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a parapsychology experiment which tries to detect “global consciousness” through its (possible) influence on physical systems. They do this via a worldwide network of random number generators (RNGs) located in 65 locations around the globe, from which the group collects data and checks for instances of “meaningful departures from expectation” correlated with major global events.

The GCP has already added a page on the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami, with an analysis of the data they have received from the RNGs. The outcome – no anomalous departure of scientific significance (ie. p=0.05) from expected results:

This seems a heavy hit for the GCP – the disaster in Japan received blanket coverage across the world, and was a deeply emotional event (sadness, fear, etc.). One would think such an event should have had some impression on the machines if it was possible.

All the same, I look forward to further analysis, debate and experimentation regarding this topic.

  1. It is quite possible that a
    It is quite possible that a sort of disaster fatigue has set in such that humans are not going to psychically recoil as robustly as they might in quieter times. Prior to the Japan event we had massive quakes in Chile, Haiti, and New Zealand all within a 12 month period.
    The site also makes a good point – there may be a mass consciouness qualitative difference between human caused disasters and “Acts of Nature.” Also, there were statistical deviations reported on the site but they were so small as to be indistinguishable from “noise,” so its ounds like the EGG statistical model is none too sure of itself unless the deviations are very large.

      1. The Planet
        I think the reason that the planet does not react to these calamities is that they are only calamities for the human population. For the planet as such, this is normal behaviour. And the planet doesn’t give a rat’s ass for the humans’ fate.

        1. The philosophy of woodland random number generators.
          That seems funny though. Your saying that nothing much was picked up in the randomness experiments becuase the planet doesn’t care, but it was a huge quake that literally shook the whole planet.

          You’ve got a little twist in your geological logic going on there!

          Then something like 9/11, which to the planet itself did bugger all, produces a spike, presumably because something special happened in our minds, but shake the whole planet and nothing outside of experiment baselines.

          Sticking within the rationality assumed by the experiment I think your logic would be reversed. Something about human minds specially affects aspects of the universes fundamental laws (anyone watching Fringe right now?) in a way that geological events do not (just looking at the Japan quake).

          I.e We get to answer that age old philosophical conundrem: If a physical random number generator is left in a wood and nobody is around on the Earth, do geological events result in statistical movement away from randomness. Apparently not.

          Of course, becuase it’s random the next quake can produce the opposite results, maybe with a small P value, maybe with a high one – hay, its random. I guess what we need is a correlation with whole series of events that shows a consistent trend of non-randomness (yes, even allowing for being a psychically tired species now and then) of X percent etc. With a 50/50 random number generator we might expect 50/50 correlation with random events with random successes of P variables, either positively or negatively, and presumably at random. It is hard to judge if they just release single event instances.

          Also, since they have no mechanism we have no idea if it is measuring anything, even statistically. What is the range effect in the alteration of background physical laws to conscioues oberserver activity. 500m? 1000km? 100 Light years? Do we just pick up disturbances of a more powerful psychic alien race 50 light years away? And that is why they do not tie to our events well? Do the devices really measure changes produced by a special bacterium which is stronger with the ‘force’? Oh oh, im thinking Midichlorian again. What do the correlations mean? Anything? Nothing? They are going to have to tackle the question at some point, they have already been doing it long enough so we can say – yes it ties in now and then, and, erm, not other times. Are they expecting any new results or are they just being paid now to give us yes it did that time and no it didn’t that time results (which we already have) without any further understanding. I can’t be the only one getting frustrated with the whole affair. Lets agree that in 5 years time we should be expecting more (10?, 20? 50 more years of yes it did/no it didnt?)

          As a side note does anyone know their composite figure of all their data? Not the did it/didn’t it to particular events (becuase if it is random then the answer will be (with bell curved P values?) – unless every random generator suddenly started giving the same results or something spectacular).

          I mean has anyone seen whether the whole dataset produces a positive or just a within the noise middle probably not value.

          1. caring planet
            If anything, this was a release of tension for the planet, not a big calamity. This is normal stuff.

            And actually for the biosphere it is beneficial, in the long term. Without recycling of the carbon due to this fluctuation of crust, the atmosphere would run out of CO2. The biosphere would be in bad shape then.

            So I still say that the human suffering is inconsequential for the planet.

            If I understand the point of the experiment, it is not even about the planet. But rather it tries to detect whether the universe notices anything out of the ordinary, or perhaps whether the universe is an unusual state when these things happen. And as far as they have measured on the recent occasions, it isn’t.

            We are warned to not jump from observing correlations to conclude causal relationships. But there isn’t even a correlation here. Unless we want to see the absence of a correlation as indication of something.

    1. 😉
      I like this. The idea that the human race is a little psychically tired at the moment – please call back later.

      Personally I think it’s just my kids with me. I’m shattered so can’t put as much energy into deflecting their machines. I’m not doing my part…

      1. The whys and wherefores…

        “I like this. The idea that the human race is a little psychically tired at the moment – please call back later.”

        ‘Psychically tired’ is probably something of an understatement, if not a kindness, if you buy the concept. The human race (en masse) now appears almost in a total downward spiral… crash and burn… death spin, whatever.

        Making the case for this is the very thing that was supposed to set us free; the Internet.

        For centuries, mankind was mostly satisfied with what he/she read in the daily newspaper or saw on the nightly news. It was sometimes disturbing, yes… but it wasn’t 24-hours-a-day pounding you with what is today less news and more political propaganda.

        It can be very depressing and then, as a matter of course, disconnecting.

        Not to pick on any one website but… my God, do any of you read the headliners at places like Rense? (not linked)

        *Time To Wake Up And Smell The Bodies Burning
        *Israeli Aircraft Deal More Slaughter In Gaza
        *Japan PM Pessimistic – Wrecked Plant Still Out Of Control
        *UK Public Anger Finally Going To Erupt?
        *Japan Virtually Admits MOX Reactor 3 Breached, Plutonium Releasing

        How could humanity come to any common ground to save this planet… even if it meant our own lives? We are bombarded, via the web, with some some of the worst, most depressing propaganda ever created.

        And it comes at us from all corners!

        How could humanity even be living a nominally sane life under this onslaught?

        We, as a species… a race, are now almost beyond holding our spot. We have no real leadership, anywhere… so the individual voices and lies begin to mean something because we have nothing more to outweigh it. Even common sense fails us when there is no common ground for that sense.

        As big a proponent as I am for free speech… I am coming to a place where it may be someday obvious that we were not quite ready for that much unfettered freedom.

        1. tired peoples
          I think this is a misrepresentation by the media, and not just the main stream media.

          It is much easier to get attention that way – scare people and they will listen, if only for a little bit. Then in that little bit you sell some advertisements and made some money.

          At the same time, amazing things are happening.

          People all over Arabia are apparently not too tired to throw out their authoritarian governments. All over Arabia, not just in one of two spots.

          Other people are working hard on solutions to these supposedly daunting problems of scarcity, sustainability and so on. And some of them are making progress.

          Sure these people don’t get the attention that the entertainment industry does. And entertainment is growing too much for my personal taste – computing for example is mostly done for entertainment today. I think that’s mostly a waste of effort, but perhaps the side effects will make up for it.

          Regardless, there are serious people working seriously on serious things, lots of them.

          So pay less attention to the fearmongers. And please if you pay some attention to them, at least don’t pay them any money.

    1. Not my fault again!
      So now it’s the geologists fault for trying to prepare the public to the risks 😉

      Has anyone else read about how their geologists are trying to work out how this affects the stored stresses on the fault planes near Tokyo? It looks like it has added to the risks of a major earthquake around Tokyo in the next 30 years. (the previous estimate was 10% chance per decade, but I think they are going to increase that)

      1. Actually, the EGG’s did show
        Actually, the EGG’s did show a deviation:

        “Although our formal analysis is made using the full network of 65-70 eggs, it is interesting to look at the data from relatively local eggs. In this case, we have an egg in Meiji, Japan, at Meiji University, ID# 1101. Examining the data from this single device, we see a striking deviation away from expectation beginning around the time of the earthquake and persisting to the end of the formally specified event. This is not a formal analysis, but the departure amounts to -2.4 sigma, and would happen about once in 100 randomly selected 24 hour days of data”.

  2. GCP
    with respect to the GCP, non-randomness is as normal a phenomenon as randomness. by accepting events as they are (eg. recent japanese earthquake and tsunami)then the act of acceptance of “how things are” will result in a realization that there is no need to change anything because “as it is” is (how do you say in your language?) perfect. with that attitude fully present, it is possible and, paradoxically, really not that difficult to tap into precognition and even alter events. the key is the deep understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all events as they unfold in time. i think the possibility of statistically significant purposefulness of the egg-recorded data at the time of events such as 9-11 and the death of princess diana is a crude but significant display of what is possible for humans in creating a less stressful, troubled existence by meditating. if world leaders were to learn to meditate for as little as 10 minutes a day every day, the possibility for a happier existence would increase recognizably. this would encourage others to do the same and eventually the ability to recognize the approach of events would be made commonplace. will this ever happen? i don’t know. meanwhile, we have GCP and we keep asking questions. that’s pretty good right now.

  3. from the Natural-Preforcing-Dept.
    Other possible explanations:

    — the Japanese don’t count

    — the GCP doesn’t work 100% of the time

    — the GCP has different readings depending on the wealth of those affected?

    1. GCP
      take your third bullet: “the GCP doesn’t work 100% of the time”.
      i think reality and therefore what we see as possible is a convention – an agreement of “how things are”. with that perspective,it’s possible to act unconventionally which makes GCP accurate every time. the experience of GCP not working 100% of the time is a natural outcome of accepting convention as gospel and the unconventional as a non-starter with no vocabulary to talk about it.

      the fourth bullet: “…the wealthy of those affected” i think is a similar type of perspective characterized by “not this but that.”
      yea blake!

  4. Earthquake Warning Alarms On Mobile Phones!

    In Japan, we have earthquake warning alarms on our mobile phones. If there is going to be an earthquake within about 500km that will probably register atleast 1 on the Japanese Scale of 7, about 2 on the open ended Ricter Scale, the alarm on our cell phones goes off. We can read the location where the earthquake will be on our mobile phones. We get about 4 minutes warning on average and the system is 90% accurate. One on the Japanese Scale of Seven is strong enough to feel if you are inside a building. If you are outside walking you won’t feel anything below a Six on the Japanese Scale.

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