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The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a parapsychology experiment which tries to detect “global consciousness” through its (possible) influence on physical systems. They do this via a worldwide network of random number generators (RNGs) located in 65 locations around the globe, from which the group collects data and checks for instances of “meaningful departures from expectation” correlated with major global events.

The GCP has already added a page on the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami, with an analysis of the data they have received from the RNGs. The outcome – no anomalous departure of scientific significance (ie. p=0.05) from expected results:

This seems a heavy hit for the GCP – the disaster in Japan received blanket coverage across the world, and was a deeply emotional event (sadness, fear, etc.). One would think such an event should have had some impression on the machines if it was possible.

All the same, I look forward to further analysis, debate and experimentation regarding this topic.