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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to all readers of The Daily Grail! As is usual at this time of year, we’ll all be taking a bit of a break and recharging the batteries while internet traffic is down. Postings will continue as the mood strikes us, but nothing is guaranteed. But rest assured we’ll be back better than ever in 2012 to continue posting the latest news from the edges of science and history.

If you got something from the website over the past 360-odd days (and around here, they certainly are ‘odd’), please consider returning the favour by helping us out financially with a small Xmas donation:

Here’s looking forward to an interesting, though hopefully not apocalyptic, 2012! I leave you with this photo I took of the constellation Orion in the early evening here in Australia – hence the reason he’s upside-down. It’s one of the sure signs of Christmas to me, and staring into the interstellar distances represented by those pin-pricks in the sky is pretty much a religious experience for me (click for a larger version). All the best!