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BlackBxx Update

A quick update on BlackBxx: Haunted, the new media project from Daniel Knauf, the creator of the esoteric television masterpiece Carnivàle. I spoke to Knauf last month about the project, when it was in the final stages of its Kickstarter crowd-funding drive. Unfortunately, the project didn’t reach it’s goal – however, you can now contribute to the project (and get your ‘reward’) directly at the BlackBxx website:

As some of you know, we didn’t reach our Kickstarter goal. Some of our Backers surprised us by making unsolicited pledges to our PayPal acct. Since then, a number of BlackBxx fans have made contributions through PayPal.

In order to help facilitate their generosity (and make sure the pledges are directed into the correct account), we’ve created this page. Consider it “under construction” until we can give it more attention after the holidays. We plan on adding a Funding Goal amount as well as a running total of pledges, plus the names of our Backers. Daniel will be reaching out to each of you soon to thank you for your support.

If you wish to be a part of making BlackBxx a reality, any amount would be helpful, and for those of you who supported our Kickstarter campaign, we’ll be happy to fulfill your chosen rewards.

I keep saying it, and hopefully a few of you out there are listening – we are living in a lucky age when we are being handed control of which creative projects we’d like to see go ahead. Go ahead and chip in a few dollars if you’re interested in the BlackBxx concept – personally, I’m intrigued as hell as to how it’s going to turn out.

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