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Did Leonardo Fake the Shroud of Turin?

Is the Shroud of Turin – the alleged burial shroud of Jesus Christ – actually a fake created by Leonardo da Vinci (using a primitive mode of ‘photography’ no less)? That’s the question asked a number of years ago by ‘hidden history’ authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince in their book Turin Shroud: How Leonardo Da Vinci Fooled History (Amazon US / UK). Now, Clive and Lynn describe a new discovery which they think supports their case:

Note that, at the time of writing this, the Amazon US version is being offered at the crazy price of just a couple of dollars.

Clive and Lynn also have a piece in the upcoming Darklore release, drawing on information in their recent book The Forbidden Universe: The Occult Origins of Science and the Search for the Mind of God (Amazon US / UK).

  1. Lynn & Clive.
    I had the pleasure and privilege of listening to a lecture and presentation by both Lynn and Clive at the Saunier Society in Newbattle Abbey, Scotland at the time they went public with their findings. It was riveting stuff, many there were authors in their own right and well used to research in the areas referred to, yet they too were as enthralled as the rest of us at the presentation.

    If that book is available for ‘silly money’ in Amazon, then for anyone who has not read it, my advice is to send for it immediately, it is a fascinating and engaging read.

    1. Poking the hornet nest
      Going by the one-star Amazon reviews by skeptics having apoplexy, it must be a good read! 😉

      I think the theory is creative, but very iffy. I have no doubt the shroud is fake, but it was faked a long time before Leonardo’s time if other experts are correct.

  2. I wonder what the big deal
    I wonder what the big deal would be if it is fake. It doesn’t mean that Jesus didn’t exist. Yes, the shroud, if real, would be a very big deal and very holy. But if it were fake, it just means that Leonardo da Vinci was good at fooling people.


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  3. Interesting, but…
    I watched a pretty convincing documentary a while back that pointed to Shroud evidence that predated De Vinci. For instance, there are 4 burn holes on the shroud that make an “L” pattern. They were clearly depicted on an Hungarian Prayer Manuscript that dated to 1191. Leonardo wasn’t born until 1452.
    Check it out:

  4. Not convinced
    So, if the shroud is nothing but a primitive photograph of Leonardo where he used himself as the model, does that mean he also broke his own nose –a feature long ago recognized by the first analysis of the sindone–? did he also perforate his wrists and feet, and punctured his forehead with a crown of thorns?

    The correspondence of the recently discovered painting and the shroud could also be explained the other way around: Leonardo, being one of the most prominent and respected artists in Europe, had the privilege to observe the shroud in order to reproduce an artistic interpretation of the man depicted in it.

    Furthermore, didn’t the lady who found the long-lost pardon of the Templars in the Vatican files also found circumstantial evidence of the shroud being in the possession of the order prior to Leonardo’s birth?

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