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Our good buddy, visionary artist Adam Scott Miller, has posted a ‘trailer’ (11 minutes long, *cough*) for ASMOcean, a visual ‘trip’ composed of his artworks. Adam’s static artworks are eye candy enough, but this combination with visual effects and motion is just wonderful:

Adam has been closely associated with this site for some time, from his wonderful work illustrating our online magazine Sub Rosa, through his recent contribution of the wonderful cover image for Charles Laughlin’s book Communing with the Gods (available from Amazon US and Amazon UK).

You can browse his portfolio and purchase prints of his artwork from his website. At the moment Adam’s offering 23% off the purchase of all paper prints, canvas giclĂ©es, and originals, so if you’re looking for a Xmas gift that is meaningful and actually made with love, make sure you take a look. As I’ve been saying for a while now, the internet now offers a great way for communities to support creators, rather than corporations. Plus, with the way Adam’s star has been rising recently, you just might find an original work is a fair financial investment in its own right…